Opinions on 1.8

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  1. They need to pull their fingers out their backsides and bring in the Minecart Update.

    I've looked at the Rail Mod or whatever it's called, and it's brilliant.

    Vanilla MC should have:

    • More ways to power a cart for longer periods
    • Chaining carts together
    • Working and simple rail junctions (Y-splits)
    • Drilling engines (as per rail mod)
    In fact, they should just bring the rail mod into vanilla wholesale. It's amazing.
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  2. I agree somewhat with everything except for drilling engines. To me, this takes away the mine part of minecraft and also takes away the danger and risk -- the fun.
  3. I think glaciers on extreme hill, red dragon a city a 3 DC birds spear item pipes special red stone go up hill
  4. Hold up, a bit confusing I am guessing you want
    Glaciers, red dragon, a city, a triple chest, birds, spear, item pipes, and special redstone that goes up hill.

    I like the dragon, birds, and the redstone.

    Perhaps for birds, penguins could be in the ice spike biome and stuff
    Dragon would hopefully have a dragon altar in the Mesa biome
    And perhaps combine slime ball and redstone to make sticky redstone
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  5. What we need to see in the log:

    Clownfish finally have a good use.
    • Craft with slimeball to get Mucus Cream
    • Brew Mucus Cream to get Potion of Resistance
    • Gives limited resistance effect and (if anemones are added) full resistance to anemone stings
  6. Dragon Tombs!

    Oh... wait... :D
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  7. Whatever mobs they eventually have, I want them to be not hostile, or have their own world. I'm not leaving town if I can go to the next biome over and get attacked...