Opinions on 1.8

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  1. We all know that 1.7 is " The Update that Changed the World " but what will 1.8 be? I have a few suggestions:

    • The Village Update ( New villages ( I really want mervillagers ))
    • The Mob Update
    • The Structure Update ( New dungeons and random structures across MC )
    What are your ideas for new features for Minecraft?

    Be sure to leave your ideas, opinions, and your favorite food below.
  2. Red dragons? :ㅔ
  3. It might be a quick thing to do with Halloween, but that might just come long as a 1.7.__

    A Mob update would be nice, new mobs and all
    But wouldn't it be a bit.... Much?
    The update would take a long time and it might even be to much for us players to take in all at once
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  4. I want the Even More Redstone,Villages & Structures update.
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  5. Here is what I want: The Ocean Update: Includes Red Dragons. :p
  6. Maybe an Oceanic Dragon?
  7. Just got an idea. What if, since red dragons have been suggested as tameable, a tamed red dragon could swoop into the ocean and bring you fish once and a while? :D
  8. Corals, Ocean biomes are boring. Red Dragons FTW! Moar TNT, if you know what I mean.
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  9. But... But... 1.7 just came out....
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  10. Mojang has already said 1.8 is likely to be new monsters update.
  11. Well, I guess now the only question is, what monsters could they possibly implement?
  12. I'm rooting for a hidden red dragon myself, so EMC can put it in game and stand out!
  13. I feel they've needed an update dedicated to mobs for a LONNNNNG time now.
  14. I'd look forward to another adventure update, or a building block update :D Hopefully one of those will come after 1.8
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  15. Villager Update: Friendly Villagers suited up in Iron armor, they fight Zombies and have normal health with the added bonus of iron armor defense.

    Mob Update: Hostile Water Mobs, Sharks, or possibly Pirates? I would also like to see, a natural hostile mob such as lions in the new Savanna biomes? or just biome specific mobs.

    Structure Update: Abandoned Forts and towns spread out among plains, forests, and extreme hills biomes.
  16. Actually, I suggested something over reddit did not get much good replies.
  17. I'm waiting for something that has to do with roller coasters...
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  18. I kind of want a rail that is like a 4 way intersection.
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  19. A + Rail?
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  20. Well, if adding more hostiles, I think a reddish, hostile squid that spawns in Nether lava lakes would definitely be in order. Because there isn't enough demons there already. :D