Opinions on 1.8

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zervados, Oct 24, 2013.

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  2. i hope it adds turkeys XP

    Shady manatee says: "The update that added ugly chickens..."-says The New York Times
  3. I want the name ID update! Yeah!
  4. A mob that lives in lava would fit into the nether, but then how are you going to collect its loot because lava will burn them including experience.:oops:
  5. JTK.
  6. Why not a kraken (if i spelt that right) for the ocean. Thats a monster and would be a cool to have as a new boss.
  7. A few of my friends were saying the other day how diamonds shouldn't burn in lava... so if they make that change, loot dropped by a lava creature would not burn.
  8. ^ This right here.
    Owes my everything.
    I don't really care much for the redstone or 'biome' update; and to be honest 1.7 was a huge let down for me. I expected to see a lot more biomes and plants (especially trees) then they have. but noooo. they put a different shade of green and a couple of flowers on a plains biome and call it 'sunflower feilds' or something.
    Horse Update was good, however they need to have a huge update similar to 1.8 and the 1.9 preleases (beta of course)
  9. Krakens, wyrms, tamable dragons, the ability to make/use giant ships, magic, and villages that expand themselves and where you can do things like train/arm some of the villagers to defend themselves!
  10. More pies, I will continue to say this until it happens.
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  11. Now that I think of it, I'd love to see a working rail system update. Right now it doesn't really work. :D
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  12. Well, a whole new challenge, eh? These squids would not only be a predator that could harm you even if you are swimming with fire-resistance but also a challenge to farm. Fishing rods would be useful, here. :)
  13. hmmm, well that would be cool but really, no one can get to those "demon squids" since they are in the middle of lava lakes
  14. Roller coasters too! Or just being able to put rails upside down :p
  15. I always thought they should add a water boss. And water dismension. I had started working on a mod design called 'abysscraft' and well... I'm busy. ;3
  16. Ok, I honestly think that foods could be way better. More pies, more cakes... and tastes. Different tastes give different, short effects. Spicy? You've got short burst of fire-resistance. Sweet? Maybe horses/wolves/cats tame faster. Think of the possibilities! And yes, definitely more pies.
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  17. >.>
  18. image.jpg

    This was a hint towards a red dragon, they hid a dragon egg in the cave on the left. It was the image for the snapshot that added red sand.
  19. Its possible that it is just a central item that they decided to throw in there for fun. It wouldn't make sense for them to give sneak peeks for 1.7, and hide a 1.8 sneek peek within it.
  20. They need to do something with the Ocean Biomes! Some reefs or coral would be cool. But I would like some Structure in the Ocean, like Ship Wrecks, with Spawners, and loots, and a mob dedicated to it. Like a Mineshaft, or a Special dungeon :)
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