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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Aikar, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. funny thing is, I got it for like 20$.

    Thrift Store was selling 1 for 40$, then went to load it and realized there was 2 there, and they told me to take both. Nice "Executive" style desks, really study.
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  2. lucky lol nice deal
  3. #MouseBuddies logitech FTW
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  4. Woah. Me going to get 3 Monitors now.
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  5. 100% pure jealousy...
  6. I have had this monitor for 10 years.. I guess I should upgrade to two
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  7. Multiple monitors = much better than one big one.
    For all of you that have multiple monitors on multiple computers check out ' Synergy'. It is a server-client thingy to seamlessly share your mouse between several computers.
  8. So, finally got the linux drivers working for ye ole card? ;)
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  9. Be jealous! :D

    If you look carefully, you can see two PC's under the desk, I use the left two screens for gaming ( fast pc), and the right two screens for webbrowsing and my alt on EMC (slower pc).
    I'm thinking of getting two more monitors, so I can do NVIDIA surround :)
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  10. What's the benefit of having multiple monitors?
  11. Efficiency/multitasking for most. I didn't think I needed 2 until I got an extra one, but it's so handy having multiple apps open at once. Square + Chrome/Word + Minecraft all in front of you :p
  12. Play games in left screen, browse interwebs in right screen, and so on. It allows you to multi-task better.

    I have a laptop and my desk isn't big enough for 2 monitors :c
  13. I have 2 monitors, but don't use the second one that often :p Quite often if I am using it, it'll be to-do with either SSH or programming. I'll either have an SSH terminal open in one window. And the application it's controlling in the other. Or with programming, the code in one window and the application in the other.
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  14. This.

    EDIT: Whoops wrong picture, this is the correct one. :p
  15. Nice job Aikar! I am debating getting an extra one myself, but I would probably have to move the stuff on the left of my desk or maybe just move my Xbox from the right hand side... Only time will tell :rolleyes:
    Is that one yours? :eek:
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  16. i use a 2nd almost all the time, im trying to get a 3rd cuz its hard to manage all my livestream stuff on just 2 monitors
  17. Yes :cool:
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  18. I have the same screens as you do (left and right one) :D i got 2 of them one used one is a spare
    My other one is a benq that i play mc on
  19. Maybe I should get a second screen. Except I only just got my first to plug into my laptop :p

    Eh, OS X essentially mirrors the function of multiple desktops in one :p