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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Aikar, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. For many months I have had a 3rd monitor sitting on my desk, unused.

    No matter what I tried, any time I enabled the third monitor it would freeze my display...

    But, after installing the latest bleeding edge nvidia 343 drivers, I now have my 3rd monitor!

    aikar productivity + 30 now.
  2. HOORAH for #3
  3. Here I am with one monitor roughly the size of one of yours. What can I say, gets the job done and my current rig couldn't even drive more than one anyway. Barely cuts one monitor at 60fps.
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  4. Even for non programmers, 2 monitors is just a must-have (3 is unnecessary unless your doing the kind of work I do)

    So if you ever get the opportunity, go for a 2nd.
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  5. Congratz aikar! I guess...
  6. One is fine, two is amazing (I want two ;-;)
  7. Mm I might post a pic of my desk. I'd have to put the tower down in the floor (not really 2 year old proof) and spend a good 70-80 dollars on a matching monitor. I might consider on my birthday when I build a new setup.
  8. He convinced me and I still think I need that 3rd =P
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  9. None of my other monitors are really working anymore D: I even bought a program that makes each monitor an individual desktop

    So i'm sitting here on one monitor :3
  10. Thats really awesome!! Congrats Aikar :)
  11. lol I have a neater desk

    EDIT: is that the server to the right?
  12. I've already filled them all :3

    and i'm nowhere near my normal workload of terminals and apps.
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  13. That's one nice setup.

    I just have a laptop.
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  14. That is the water cooling unit. Our servers are hosted in a high end data center in Florida, not in my house haha.
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  15. This would be quite handy.... *grabs wallet* *looks into the wallet* *cries* *criest a lot*
  16. And this is EXTREMELY clean for my desk.... Usually covered in mail that I haven't processed yet (which is shoved behind the monitor on the right currently... one of these days i'll shred it/throw it away)
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  17. I have an off-topic question

    Will diamond/cosmetic supporters still have the residence location perk (as well as 100 location slots) or will that go away? I'm too tired to check now
  18. Your Setup Looks Sick Aikar! Nice Job Setting It Up :)
  19. that is a nice desk, shiny :>
  20. *Wonders what max says about the mess ^.^*