Old timers of EMC

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  1. This is something for the old and original players of EMC.

    Remember when you wanted to buy sheep, cows or pigs? But you couldn't go out in the wild and bring one back?

    The real struggle was remembering how to walk to your house luring a sheep with wheat!

    When you wanted to buy a sheep, cow or pig. You needed to walk across the map and buy one, then walk all the way back with a sheep and some wheat. Then getting lost and making sure your sheep doesn't wander to some else's residence when you were checking the map to find our back home with your sheep.

    When SMP4 wasn't a thing? It was so exciting having a new server go up! New people and new thing waiting to happen.

    I miss those days of being on here.
  2. I'm old but, not that old :p
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  3. I used to help someone (Looking at Qwertyip), and drag 2 at a time cows to a residence that's halfway throughout the town. My payment for 20 minutes of walking was 500 rupees. (which was valuable back then). Then eggifying came along. Mooshrooms became slightly popular for a few days, but obviously died as shop signs were used to actually sell animals. I'd love to tell you another story of how wool was obtained back then. [When a sheep was sheared, it couldn't re grow it back unless by giving birth to a new sheep. Just let that sink in.]

    If you really want a nostalgia punch.. Rupees Leaderboards
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  4. I joined one day before smp8 was launched.
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  5. I guess I'm still considered a newbie by those standards :p My first SMP I visited was SMP9, good times, good times
  6. Those were the days!

    These new people who thing that they have it made, have no idea how it was for us*. When we were the hard working ones to get to where we are now?

    I remember 50,000r was like bill gates rich. everything was either earned, traded or worked really hard for.

    When you could go out to the wild, walk like 1000 blocks and build. Not worrying about being griefed or anyone taking your stuff.
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  7. Ah yes, the old cross-town mob herding. Living in the very corner of the map made that one especially hard. :p

    Yes, the good ol' days of egging people's residences leaving loads of chickens everywhere, making lots of golden apples, books, etc., the old way, in preparation for the recipes being much more expensive, digging out the Wilderness strongholds for the very rare mossy/cracked stone bricks and making a fortune selling them, and not bothering to go fight the ender dragons, despite having every opportunity, on account of having no foresight.

    Actually, I kinda like it better now, honestly. But it's nice to think back.
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  8. Wasn't egging not allowed? :p
  9. Pink Sheeps that spawned in town were legendary beasts and were actually valuable.(black and brown were common, but pink was rarer I believe)
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  10. Oh, uh, I mean... seeing the aftermath of other people having been egged is what was funny. Yeah.
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  11. Mhm..
  12. I was quite early, but I remember I joined smp5 when it was sort of new. Back when getting onto the servers was hard because they were full all the time.
  13. "back in my day we had to walk a country mile to (insert something here)"
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  14. I am not really old timer. I am over two years old on EMC, but there are people who are over 3. I do remember IcC blowing **** up, and the smaller, closer community, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    EMC is still transitioning after the fallout back in mid 2014. I know we lost many community members, yourself included, but all you have to do to find fun here is look for it. The servers are no longer bombarded with drama or new players, and the cuts and burns on the community are starting to heal. There have been a few scars, but sometimes pressure creates beauty.

    Beyond the community, EMC is changing. People do not like change sometimes, because of risk or they are already comfortable, but change is necessary for advancement.

    EMC is not the same, but it is not worse. It is and always has been evolving. No doubt it has had rough times, but it is stabilizing. Stabilization is helped when the community sticks together.
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  15. Ayeee, 30r diamonds were the bomb.
  16. Im a newbie. :D
  17. The death events and head drop events would all end in explosions...
  18. Change is nice, but when you try to make a change you have people who are going to dislike it. Everyone needs change in their life to make it interesting.

    There will be scars on EMC for years, but that's what comes with change.
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  19. SMP2 used to be the prime hub of EMC, before all these new servers started joining.
  20. Sticky mouse keys...