[OLD] [ATTENTION] Wastelands Reset 10/24/14

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    The Wastelands World will be reset around 8 pm EMC time on Friday, October 24th.

    Please disassemble any temporary structures you have in the wastelands (wilderness AND nether) and move the materials and yourself to town BEFORE 7 pm EMC time on Friday. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. We are working on putting in a routine reset every 3rd or 4th month starting with the new year.

    This reset does NOT include the Frontier. That land will not reset, but I will be making some manual cosmetic adjustments to areas in the periodic reset area as well as areas without any player outposts in order to improve the quality of the landscape. This will be a gradual process that lasts over the next two weeks, so please do your best to be patient.
  2. Awesome! Fresh resources in the wastlands will definitly be a benefit to the Wooden Fortress.
  3. this is good news.
  4. Is the livemap updater already fixt ? week ago black parts did not gte visible after walking, im told it only get visible when you change blocks.

    in wasteland you dont want this behavior, but just want to get the map visible by walking and see whats where.
  5. I believe that just breaking or placing a few dirt blocks on your way should alleviate this problem. It is due to the way the system now updates. It reduces lag drastically.
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  6. Awesome! :)
  7. Finally. Didn't we say we were going to reset like every 2-3 weeks? lol
  8. Well that's first time I heard of that statement. I know wastelands are up to reset every few months or when updates comes out.
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  9. Doing it that often would be a pain because it is manual and not looking to be automatic any time soon due to the complexity of the process. The Wastelands aren't actually that bad right now. The biggest problem is that people dig up right by the outposts within hours of a reset, then that is what players see. At almost every outpost, if you travel no more than 500 blocks out, it is still full of resources ripe for the picking.
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  10. Well yeah but to reduce lag wouldn't it just be better to eliminate wastelands all together? Seeing as how on most servers Frontier is mined out anyways? Reduces administrative overhead and lag. Just implement defined a reset zone.
  11. Thought that's what it said when they first said that they were implementing this. That resets were going to happen a lot more frequently. I've seen like 1 reset in the span of 6 months lol
  12. Wastelands were implemented upon the last major world update, which actually raised world heights, added new biomes, etc. Getting rid of the ability to access the newer biomes close to the start would be a negative action since it is the community's input that prompted us to create a resetting world dedicated to resource gathering in the first place.
  13. Well I mean a reset zone of like 10k blocks wouldn't eliminate the newer content. It'd just make the community go out for it a little further. I'm just saying that resets were to be more common than they actually are and that getting rid of the Wastelands all together could reduce overhead lag which is what seems to be a big issue right now. Just my two cents.
  14. Very large bases are built within 10k of outposts. Actually a majority of outposts are built that close. We have told players that the frontier would not update except in the periodic reset area and that they were free to build there without fear of losing their builds. This will not change.

    As for the wastelands, they were put in for a reason and their positive effects far outweigh the negatives. We are looking to increase the resets from semi-annually to quarterly (if not an update too close) in order to alleviate concerns.
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  15. Well if people can't play on your server because of lag issues, I'd reconsider what you think of as a negative effect.
    The 10k was just a base number anyways - by no means am I recommending that 10k is the limit - admins should change as needed. But I think that Aikar should consider these changes if he seriously views lag as an issue that could potentially drive newer members away.
  16. I have yet to see a new player log out because of server lag. The main problem I have seen regarding lag deals with hopper sorting systems on player residences which is not something so easily eradicated. The Wastelands are not the primary source of lag.

    The point I was making is that we have defined a periodic reset area in the Frontier. Players have settled down directly outside of that area because they trust us to not alter what we have stated will not change. Making any adjustments to that area size will upset those players that were told they were safe, regardless of distance.
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  17. Get your fresh steaming hot wastelands!!!
  18. The wastelands has absolutely 0 impact on lag. If we want to get rid of lag, we have to delete town instead, and hoppers and pistons.

    Resetting the wastelands might reduce lag due to getting people away from farms to go get fresh resources.
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