Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 45 vote(s) 64.3%
No 23 vote(s) 32.9%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 2.9%
  1. Hello all ive been wanting to make this thread for a while and thanks to the new update in pokemon go i thought it would be a great time to make this thread.
    In this thread you can talk about anything related to pokemon such as pokemon go this thread is so we can talk about what we have and learn more from each other feel free to add screenshots or pics of your pokemon go / pokemon experiences. I will post a picture of my top pokemon later and update it often.

    SO start talking about pokemon go

    ps. i have a articuno :p
  2. I got a zapdos! I kinda stopped and I am only level 27 or something. I may start with the new update tho
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  3. didn't this game die out within 2 weeks 2 years ago lmao
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  4. Aside from the update, I think more people will get into it thanks to the future releases of Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee.
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  5. OMG!!! Like the new update to friend people and be able to trade with them assuming they are within a certain small distance from you.

    I don't play it often so I'm only at level 28 I do whip it out enough to gain the special pokemon each month from the field research adventures.
  6. Bump this needs more ppl
  7. No

    Why do people actually play it? The only pokèmon version I personally liked was Pokèmon Red and Blue from 1996. That was a good game. The main reason I dislike it is becuase it says you're no longer cyceling when you're going faster than 16 km/h. That is Slow. Like, you are going forward, but nobodey is really notecing it.
  8. How is this official? :p
    You can, just write [IMG] before it and [/IMG] after it (the capitals aren't necessary, but it makes it look better in my opinion :p).
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  9. The 'No's are impressive, but I don't get the rest of your message. :p What's your point?
  10. The main part is that I really dislike the game, thought about a funny ways to do the no's and decited to do that. I did want to add a short explanation though and decited to go with the thing that let me imedeatly disinstal it. How terrebly slow the max speed is. now I calculate it would have even been so that if I would run a kilometer to get somewhere quick, it would have said I would be going by motorised transportation... (Okay, I am a fairly good runner, but stil...)

    Oh, btw, I thhink the main reason the game didn't work for me is becuase I alredey am quite the sports guy: I have three all-time school records when it comes to running, which makes the active part of the game feel senseless, you're not really doing anything, but after a though training, that little bit would alredey be too much.
  11. I played it till I was lvl 24 and then stopped bc my whole town stopped.
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  12. Ah, I didn't know there was an 'active part'. What does it do? 16 km/h indeed doesn't make sense for cycling, you'd have to purposefully go slow then, or cycle through a crowded street, I feel like. :p
  13. Lol, had you played and enjoyed Crystal, your opinion would be different. Now here’s the thing about Pokémon Go, it’s not like any of the other games, which is probably why it attracted people who otherwise wouldn’t have played Pokémon, breaking it down to it’s more simplistic features such as catching and now trading. There can be battling and training, but only if you choose to do that.

    But on the note of the low speed limit, yeah that’s trash.
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  14. I’m level 35 (But really close to 36 :D)

    My trainer code is 7552 1763 0271 if anyone wants to be my friend :3
  15. lol barnably
  16. I would friend you but it looks like the friends update only applies to accounts that are level 30 and up.
  17. I name all my high CP Pokemon for pure banter :p

    When it gets lowered (It will) you can send me a request then :D They’re doing it in a similar way to how they did when raids were released :)
  18. Show your Pokemon Go start date

    Only reason I didn't start when it was first released is I was backpacking in Northern Michigan without my phone cause there is no cell service up there.
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