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  1. Hey community!

    The staff team were wondering which features you guys like the most, and which ones you don't really use. We were also wondering which major updates you were looking forward to the most, and which ones the least.

    We've created a survey to help us get a better understanding of what the community really wants. You can fill it in here. Please fill it in fully and honestly!

    One person who fills it in before the 3rd of November will be randomly chosen to win 20k, as a thank you for doing so. Also, this is a great time to let us know what features we think we should improve, so if you have any ideas, feel free to stick them in the last box.
  2. *First person to comment about it on your profile.
    lol. ;3 :p
    I will fill it out as realistic gamestistic as possible ;)
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  3. You know you want to give me that 20k
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  4. And... submitted >:3
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  5. Seventh!
    Why does jack have to be first on his own thread?
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  6. Well, people have a tendency of being like me.
    I talk to myself... in public, and people look at me weird. Not for the fact that I'm a brick or... actually it's probably that.
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  7. Ninth! :p I will probably do the survey a bit later.
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  8. Have you noticed, that at the bottom of that post, it says "#2"?
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  9. Does feature refer to ingame or website?
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  10. Either. :)
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  11. Kinda just want everything we've ever been promised and which has yet to appear after a considerable period of time spent waiting. :)
  12. Can this be on the front page like 2 times a year?
  13. I find it ironic how the first post gets more likes than OP lol
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  14. I have plans for others. :p
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  15. Under least favorite features I said nope, and then I remembered ent count. :p
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  16. But if were removed you would have a much bigger thing to dislike; lag :)
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  17. I think Id rather have lag sadly....
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  18. this needs to be front paged, like soonishly soon and shtuff becuz dis is front page materier
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