Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2019 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. No, remember guys, it's *not* a flamethrower ;)
  2. Do your part to help Pewdiepie beat T series

    /b lasana/

  3. This is me on Jan 11th
  4. Figured I'd get on board too. ;)
  5. Do you go to olive garden just to sit in front of it? XD
  6. I've posted for the last 2 years, might as well keep up my streak. :cool:
  7. For the first time ever - drumroll please!!!

    EDIT: er - that was a weird face...
  9. Is this year the one???

    @Sachrock I love you
  10. I thought that was a huge phone, but then I noticed the size of your hands and figured that it's probably just really close to the mirror. :p
  11. Lol 😂 #mirrorselfies
  12. hi, can you remove my picture from your post please
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  13. First time showing myself here in 7 years, now is as good a time as any!
  14. Here it is!
    My 2019 Sefl Selfie!
    Before and after my 2019 haircut!
    Who knows... I might get another one before 2020 :rolleyes:
    (I went 11 months without getting one)

  15. I don't play much anymore, but it's always nice to see your bright smiley faces!
  16. Party Time! Excellent!

  17. My Gf Decided to me make me into a girl. im ok with it hehe
  18. Do i see an oven behind you on the right :eek:
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  19. yep