Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2019 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Image no longer available ;)
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  2. Working on it. Phone doesn't like trying to put in images.:rolleyes:

    EDIT: Fixed
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  3. Sexy:)
  4. i'm sick my sister is sick my parents are sick my dog is sick everyone is sick except my cats
  5. wasnt a similar picture posted last year from you? :p
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  6. I honestly have forgotten what I posted
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  7. Ok this picture was from January, :p

  8. My picture for the year

    It's me and my girlfriend at my final rock climbing meet of the season
  9. Thanks. :D
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  10. Lol krysyy braking the rules tut tut tut she should be punished

    lol I'm only joking by the way
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  11. WOW! Gurl you look gorgeous!!!! Great lighting and I love your lipstick! It looks fantastic :)
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  12. You are too sweet. :)
  13. boi... too much skin :3
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  14. Nah ;)
  15. There's never too much ;)
    I'm sorry I'll just escort myself out now
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  16. You need to go with the rainbow colours.
  17. I should :D
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  18. I will expect that soon then ;)