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Is EMC losing players?

Yes 28 vote(s) 40.6%
Kind of 21 vote(s) 30.4%
No 20 vote(s) 29.0%
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  1. When I first started playing Empire Minecraft, the servers were always full! But now there's hardly anyone. The maximum I see is 25-30 players. Is it because there are more servers and everyone is spread out, or is it because people are getting bored and just quitting?
    I think it's too quiet at times. When there are 4 people online I encourage them to speak and make conversation.

    Thank your for reading,
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  2. There is a mix of reasons. Yes some people are spread out, Some people are quitting because they feel EMC is boring. Due to Justin moving from one side of the country to the other he hasn't been able to really do stuff kinda like the free supporter for a month. A chunk of people have been banned, it's also summer for half of the world so people are on vacations and whatnot. Others are in school/work :)
  3. Yer, im from australia and when i get home from school i go on. when i first joined there was atleast 30players on everytime i logged in, now there is only like 10 :(
  4. Also timezones? :p
  5. yer true, like sometimes i go on b4 i go to shcool and their is alot more poeople on :D
  6. Look at it this way: a tonne of people have been banned so the servers are a happier place now! :D
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  7. 6 months ago there were 4 servers (not including utopia), now there are 9 of them. That has to affect it to.
  8. Yer, good call
  9. I agree on the spread out thing... Also bringing in new members is hard because we haven't done enough to get us OUT there... I say we get a partnered utuber to make a vid on our server.. I know a bunch of people will then come on over check us out IF they like it they'll stay.. Also voting is a priority.. not just for money but for more people to play with :)
  10. Lots of the older players are quieting and lots of newbies are getting banned. Also, your avatar makes it very hard to read your post....
  11. I ate them all, sorry.
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  12. Somebody quick, get the Syrup of Ipecac!
  13. I agree with the avatar thing lol
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  14. Guys how can this discussion even be happening.
    We hit 40k members the other day!!!!!!!!
    There are also time zones, work hours ( trust me they factor in almost as much as time zones -_-) and other stuff like that
    What is happening in people are simply moving to smp8 and 9 . Last time I was at Smp 9 there were some 40 odd players on.
    Smp7 is really the only one I have seen very quiet because a lot of people have gone to the Last Light Outpost (have you SEEN that member list on the website)
    The servers are not getting quiet or dieing at all! The players are simply moving to other,newer EMC servers :)
    And we are getting advertised well last time I checked.
    The reason I am here making this comment today is due to a GIGANTIC full page advertisement on Mcserverlist. It is summer also, this means that a lot of people have time to set up their own servers, this may also contribute
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  15. My friends were banned because he and his friend went camping in the wild and a guy pvp one of them so the other one attacked the attacker and the first one who died came back to get revenge.
  16. Let that be a lesson. If you get PVP'ed record it and report it and leave the PVP'er be.
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  17. But the lesson isnt worth losing a friend!
  18. im finding that EMC is growing quite stagnant. I realize the hope to keep things (Vanilla), but in my opinion, the town system and Wild simply do not work that well together. the town doesnt feel like a part of the wrld at all, and as long as you start a shop there isnt really any reason for you to ever leave town to begin with. you can buy everything you need to never leave town, and there isn't even any hunger damage or a chacne to lose health.

    I love EMC but its kind of.... boring.
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  19. Hmm EMC getting boring naa everytime I'm on something is going on and think about majority of members are collage students and spring semester ended people are home or have fun time job. Just wait till 2012 fall sememster starts people will come back or some well join up. :) thats all I got to say
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  20. HallelouYER!
    ( Its from Madea ) :p
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