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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole server thing, and this is probably my first server I've found and liked so I think I'll be sticking around here for a while :)
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  2. Welcome To The Empire! Hope you enjoy it here! :D
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! New to servers I see. In my opinion, this is the perfect place for new comers because its very community orientated and many people to meet and talk to :) See you around on the Empire! :D
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. Welcome to the Empire Lauryn!

    I'd like to chip in with southpark up there; this is definitely one of the better places to start on. At least I think so. The community plays a bit part in that, absolutely, but I'd also like to mention our special "play as you want" gameplay. If you like mining and such you'll notice that things aren't that much different from single player; you go out into the wastelands, you mine and then you go back home.

    But the fun really sits in the details. Like our custom monsters and custom items.

    Speaking of which, in case you missed it: use /promo potofgold while you're in the game. This will get you the pot of gold promotional item (at the time of writing); using it once every day will get you a nice random amount of gold nuggets :)
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  6. Ah thank you guys! I started playing it yesterday and its much easier to use, and a lot less complicated than other servers that I've seen! and everyone is so nice :)
    at the moment though it wont let me connect, keeps saying it cant connect to default or fallback server
    anyone know how to help?
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  7. This is not normal. Aikar will fix it :)
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  8. Ah great, thank you :)
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  9. what server do you call home?
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  10. Wecome. I hear one of the servers is down so if that is the one you are trying to connect to by default that error may continue until it is fix(hopefully soon). If you are using the default URL, you could try logging onto a specific server instead. To do this you would replace "play" in the URL with whatever server number you want to use, like for smp1 it would be
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  11. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! The servers are working now. :)
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  12. Thank you so much, ive been getting stressed about it thinking it was me haha, working now though :)
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  13. That's funny, the servers did not have issues until you joined... :eek:
  14. Welcome! :)
    I can assure you that this server has great features, an incredible staff team and a very friendly and interesting (sometimes a bit insane) community!
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  15. Welcome to the Empire Lauryn. Enjoy your stay. :)
    I see Sky is at it again. ;):D
  16. Welcome to the Empire!
    Seems like you have a handle on learning the commands! Be sure to do the /assist new if you have trouble, or look up things in the wiki. If you have questions, be sure to ask about!

    Try to hit up any of the community events, especially the friday night miner party!
    See you down in the mines!
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  17. Welcome to the Empire!
    Remember, if you need any help feel free to ask us!