[NEW SHOP ITEM] Labor Bench

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Shiny and soulbound are both good ideas. More than once I have found Labor Benches I accidentally abandoned in a junk chest. :confused:
  2. Could make it a Head piece and add binding. Curse of vanishing would replace the soulbound. Hence it being cruel. !!:rofl: :lmao:
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  3. Well now when you find them in a junk chest they'll be shiny and soulbound. Soulbound to the chests and can never be removed. hahahahahaha
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  4. But what if the chest itself was destroyed? :confused::D

    Thank you so much Krysyy! I'll definitely be buying one as soon as I can get in-game! As others have said, I love that this Labor Bench is soulbound!
  5. Then the labor bench will vanish cause the chest went poof. However the new LB will be available for sometime in the /shopworld.
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  6. Excellent, Thanks staff :)
  7. Gotta love them benches. Thanks for this! :)
  8. What makes you say that?
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  9. This would have been a nice TBuy item, I am tired of Avalaunchers. lol
  10. I agree
  11. Awesome new bench! Cant wait to pick one up :)
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  12. Finally able to log in and I missed it :(
  13. Nope! It wasn't available via /promo; it's only purchasable in /shopworld for 20k :)
    And as stated in OP: "semi-permanent"
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  14. Its a pain in the ... productivity ... to use anything other than this anymore. The item saves a LOT of running around... and trees. Those poor trees. Think of the trees folks.

    I propose build-protection be revoked and canLightOnFire be set to true for all those random labor benches every goober from here to eternity placed in the frontier.