New Servers

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. It's already done for most, check the front page or the link I posted.
  2. I just wanna say, great job guys with the server updates. Looking real good.
  3. ...and All servers are now updated to new hardware :D
  4. Yup :)
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  5. *Pokes justin*
  6. Thanks Justin! :D
  7. No prob :) glad its all over
  8. any idea when we will see the 1.5 update? thought this ment i could update. :(
  9. Will you stay active now?
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  10. is smp6 and utopia on same server? thems mah fav
  11. Awwwwwwwwwww Yuuuuuup, nice one guys tnx for the upgrades, I have yet to get on and test it out but me like this v-much :D
  12. Updated too early? Dont worry, the Technic pack has 1.4.7 Vanilla
  13. nice new hardware, but why stands there smp1 has 200 slots?
  14. Sorry to say this, Justin, but (judging by the number of repeaters required) slower than ever :( (SMP7) - just had to add an extra two on my stone generator with only two others on the server.
  15. Seems like if you have to add more repeaters(more delay) that that might mean the opposite. I'm wondering what differences there might be for my contraptions.
  16. I don't think redstone is altered by server performance. It may run faster or slower (i.e. the Ticks Per Second may vary), but the actual functionality, like the number of repeaters you need, shouldn't be effected.
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  17. My redstone stuff isn't affected at all. And for 1.5, It will come out when it comes out I guess. No point in begging mainly because we're waiting on spigot.
  18. 1.5.1 just came out :eek: please say we are updating to that as well?
  19. Of course :)
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  20. Yes of course, this is part of what we were waiting for (the bug fixes with 1.5.1). I promise we will be releasing 1.5.1 as soon as we are complete and feel it is stable enough to not cause major issues. Trust me I want 1.5 to be out as well, so I can test my redstone skills ;)