New on EMC, but forever in MC

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  1. Hey everyone! :)

    I just found this server and was surprised I never heard about it or maybe I just forgot about it, because I play since Minecraft Beta. I have had servers, I have joined servers. I've seen the whole development of minecraft since the start and only made breaks here and there. I love minecraft, building, redstone, pvp, pve, farming... I am most fascinated by automated farms.

    I just joined and played a little bit on SMP4. I am uhh 26 years old, from central europe (german speaking country) and I also like music and chess and travelling. I made a youtube video about this server too (check the subforum or via my signature).

    I want to say that I think your server is incredibly lag free. So far I struggled a bit with finding connection with others, so I will stay if I find friends on the server, otherwise I will just build my cute little plot and then move on. The server is amazing, I hope there will be more activity. I've noticed a lot of amazing builds, but very little active players.
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  2. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :D
  3. Hi there DiamantZebra! =D I wandered around a long time and visited many, many servers before I found emc then I stopped looking. I'm glad you found us. =D Our active members ebb and flow depending on the time of year and day. It is the beginning of school/college for many so you are gonna be seeing a lot of nonactivity here and there because of that until people start balancing their irl compared to game life. Here at emc we value irl time more than ingame time. I hope you stick around and maybe make some good friends as I, and many others, have done in this wonderful and widely diverse community. ..and as MoreMoople has said.. please ask if you have questions but also we have a very, very in-depth wiki.

    Cheers! Hope to see you around. =D
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  4. Howdy friend!

    So you’re hooked to Minecraft too? You got it bad like us if you’re still standing by it after this long!!!

    Speak up if you have any questions about the server. You’ll be greeted by many good folk here that are in it just for a good time with like-minded people.

    As you’ll come to know if you stay, EMC is not your average SMP server. There is lots of fun and fond memories here if that’s right up your alley. Give us a shout and I hope that you make some great friends here with us!

    Welcome to the Empire!

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  5. Welcome to EMC!

    Once you build up your plot you can claim one or more 3000x3000 block plots in the Wilderness. Fill it up then decide if you like to stay or not. I bet you will find many like minded players long before finish building it up.

    If you need any basic materials to get started building you can contact me if I'm in game, well, when I'm in game since I'm on every day.
  6. Welcome to EMC! It’s nice to see someone from a “German-speaking country.” I hope you will enjoy it here.
    The server is active — just not full of players. Most of the players you see in the tab list are the ones who have been here for a long time. I think that’s what makes EMC stand out. Also, if you have built anything on your residence, I’ll take a look. :)
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  7. Welcome.e to EMC. I am away atm but try to get on several times per week. We ha e lots of players from Europe, it may just take some time to catch them online and meet them.. watch especially for the special events, ne t being for Halloween, when you will see more of us logged on as well....

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  8. Welcome to the Empire... particularly the forum. :D I saw you've already checked out a good few threads! :D
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  9. Thank you all for reacting here with such kind and encouraging words! I have not expected such a nice response from so many people! What a friendly community!!

    Thank you Petezza for showing me around on my first day and thanks to everyone on here offering me help! I will for sure build a nice plot and show you in the forum. So far I have understood that the forums seems to be more communicative than the server chat. So please tell me where to ask: Is there somebody who wants me to record their play and plot a bit? I'd love to get a wider picture of what the server is all about, not just the building itself.

    I decided not only to continue with my singleplayer world, but also make a server review about your server in longplay format. It's very positive. If you want to get to know me a bit more, you can listen to my voice now too :p I have posted two videos in the subforums where they belong: here (server) and here (singeplayer)

    I hope you like it! And see each other on the server soon!
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  10. Hey and welcome to the server! I've been here about 9 months or so and have really loved it. There is a nice balance of vanilla feel with extra features we lovingly call "French Vanilla". Lots of details on the wiki as others have mentioned. It can take a little while to wrap your head around it all, but really nice balance of features and custom content once you figure it out.

    Hope to see you in game!
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  11. Welcome! I hope you stick around for a while and continue to enjoy it. I have been on EMC since 2014 and it's been my favourite server since then.

    If you want help getting resources just say - there's places new players can get free items, a recycle centre, and a lot of community farms. (But maybe you want to gather your own.) There are people online often that will help or you can ask in forums. :)
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  12. Really? EMC was actually one of the first servers that I found. When I joined, I was impressed at such a big and diverse server - although that was in 2015, so probably in its heyday. Since then, I've mostly witnessed a decline that I wanted to reverse. Still, it has bounced back a little in the past year or two, and I have no regrets other than my periodic preteen/teenage immaturity and being gone for so long. I'm not big on PvP, but even if I was, there are PvP arenas on /games along with nearly everything else a server could have.

    Welcome to EMC! I really think you'll like it here if you give it a chance.
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