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  1. I didn't watch the whole thing, so I'm not sure if you figured it out already, but you can change your difficulty settings. If you type /diff 1, mobs will be much easier to kill and they will hurt less. However, you will get less loot from them. I suggest typing /ps (player settings) and going through the settings.
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  2. Ah, nice to see you're doing commentated videos too now! :D
    'smp' stands for Survival Multi-Player, by the way, I think.
    Not sure if I'll watch the full video, as it's so long, but it looks like a fun introduction!
  3. When adventuring /map brings up a live map in your browser so you can find your way back to spawn points.
    When you die there's a message in chat showing you the coordinates and your items don't despawn for a while (24 hours I think) and also can't be picked up by other players in that time.
    (I'm only part way through the video so I'm not sure if you figured that out later :D )

    I'm really enjoying your video. I like long play without the cuts and it's bringing back memories of being a new player on EMC :)
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  4. Like others, I can't watch the whole video because it's so long. I'm glad you're enjoying it, though! As for being lag-free, this server was designed to accommodate dozens of people per SMP during our heyday in 2015. I still miss those good old days! Even then, we rarely had server-side lag.
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  5. I am so glad you liked it! My whole channel is around natural, old building style and farms. I am not following all the new trends of what you "have to" build. That somebody enjoys watching my video and it brings back memories is the best compliment I can get! :) <3 If you own a youtube account make sure to comment on there too when you finished the video, as it helps for the algorithm. Oh yeah with the despawning... I always run like in the old times to my lost items ... I also discovered that even in singleplayer items often don't despawn for days, but I am used to 5 minutes haha.
  6. Actually, according to the Minecraft wiki, items still despawn after being entities for five minutes. When you're finding that they don't, they were probably in a chunk that wasn't loaded. :)
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  7. Yes exactly. I revisited a village far away in an then unloaded chunk two weeks later again only to find all of my lost stuff again, which I believed to be lost as the village was too far away from home. Something like this wasn't possible in older versions still. If you lost your stuff, then it was lost, period. I don't even understand how the game could remember items being on the ground there for 2 weeks. It has changed somehow.
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  8. Do you have a source for this? It's not in the History section on the Minecraft Wiki, so I am inclined to think you are mistaken. I do not have the time to actually test it, at the moment. ;)
    Entity storage has been in the game for a very long time. Otherwise, if you left your chunks, all the animals would also disappear!
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  9. Dropped items despawn after being in a loaded chunk for 5 minutes. The server stops counting the time if the chunks aren't loaded. On a vanilla server, all mobs despawn when the chunks are unloaded, but EMC has modified it. Passive mobs (sheep, pigs, cows) won't despawn but hostile mobs will.
  10. Well yes, the animals used to dissapear, that's why they originally invented nametags and they got used on servers to protect private animals from despawning :) No, I also don't have a source for all this and I can't tell you what exactly has changed, it's 10 years ago bro. But something has changed. Boat dynamics is what I personally miss most :D Do you remember the boat elevators? :D They were a lot of fun.
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  11. Thanks for backing me up, I guess. :p It's always been that way, as far as I know.

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter. :) Although I must say I do find it interesting. :p I started playing Minecraft in Beta 1.8.1, and don't know too many details about earlier versions. It actually seems that VanillaLongplayz is correct about passive animals despawning prior to this version, at least! That makes it more likely that this happened to dropped items as well.
    ChatGPT hasn't been too helpful so far... :p

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