New Contribution Team Leaders!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Nov 12, 2016.

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  2. So making him duet this with me when he's here next week c:
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  3. Sorry to be so late to the Congratz You Guyz!!! thread but here I am and I couldn't think of two better people to head the Team going forward. Yay!!!!! :D
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  4. I just had to post again and tell you, Kytula, how much I loved your post. It certainly will be hard to fill those shoes.. esp since neither Fendy or Alex are not of the duck ilk. :rolleyes: .. and I'm with ya.. I'm positive they can do it and bring their own ideas into the position. I for one am very excited to see what unfolds from those creative minds of theirs. =]

    oops! please notice edit above. lol
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  5. Woah woah woah, hang on, hang on, back it up a sec.


    EMC has a blog? :confused:
  6. *Mind blown*
  7. A little late, But congratulations you two! :p
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  8. Huh.
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  9. Congrats Fendy and Alex! Didn't notice this thread until it got bumped. Sorry :rolleyes:
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  10. And these are the kind of things we will be working on sorting out... :rolleyes: Getting content on the blog is a must, and we are looking for more people to fill spaces too!

    If anyone here has some creative ideas, and wants to devote a little time to working on the blog and the wiki, then check out this thread and take a look at the contribution section:
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  11. "Real life issues"
    Heh aka a gf stole him.
    Anyways yall need to stop the jump on krysyy scene man. Dont make me get the whip.

    Congrats kids on your promotion to blog wrangler.
  12. It's mostly college actually lol

    Conga rats guys, I'm sure you'll do a great job!!!
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  13. ducky was STOLED
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  14. Sorry, couldn't help myself

    And indeed, I believe two great players have been chosen to fill this position :) Good luck!
  15. Pls dont tell me hes out of his head
  16. Wait... is that a degeneration of "Congrats"? If so: I never realised that before!! :eek:
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  17. Sad to see you go, Matheus :(
  18. Blah Blah Blah lots of text, two leaders is too many. I know Krysyy will read this, and even if you aren't her, I recommend you read it too.

    I know this isn't the newest discussion out there, but I wanted to weigh in. This isn't me furious about the decision, this is me showing concern. I think this could have complications, and below isn't a rant. It is my argument as to why I don't necessarily support two leaders. This isn't my decision anyhow, and my opinion shouldn't be taken of too much value anyways. This is also not an argument against the integrity of ANYONE. I am not trying to undermine the work done here, or even the direction being taken. In no means is this an insult to any of the wonderful people on this team, including Krysyy, its leaders, or its members.

    I have held and currently hold a lot of leadership positions, within my school and outside of it. I am a National Honors Society officer, I head my school's student council, I lead yearbook, I'm the president of a community service club, I have helped organize two more clubs, I am a teachers assistant, and I am my school's student body head of advertising (unofficial title). I was on EMC's Contribution team for a couple or months (or maybe a year), and at the same time I was working a job as a graphic designer and blogging marketer (internship) at an advertising firm.

    While I have no doubts in the individual abilities and integrity of our staff members, you are setting up a system for failure. Good communication is important to any project/business/whatever: teams of people follow a single and direct message, passed down through channels. For a small team, like the contribution team, there should be leadership with a governing body (Krysyy), and the contributors to do their role. We could get messier with seniority and things like that, but the simple version is this: have someone tell people what to do, and the people below do it.

    The reason that works, is because there is always one simple, clear, direct message for everyone to follow. Whatever the big cheese says is what will happen. I have worked on many projects for the past 6 years of my life, and I can say having multiple leaders is usually a bad idea. Unless Alex and FDNY are on the same page on every issue 100% of the time, which is very unlikely, conflict and inefficiency will occur. Every from the main goal of the Contribution team to the smallest wiki page edit will have to both be agreed on by these two, rather than just one of them. This will make things longer, and communication harder for the Contributor. If two people say different things, or even the same thing in different ways, it hurts workflow. The problem with this system is that it can be tedious and time consuming, but could also result in internal conflict. Alex and Fendy are people I've become familiar with well over my EMC career. I trust their abilities as mature professionals, but know that conflict arises within the best of us.

    I've worked on a few projects with multiple leaders, and it always ends poorly. It is a hard thing to be on the same page, and to know what anyone is thinking at any given moment. Even with lots of planning, my coworker and I were still struggling to manage our team together. Some of our team saw one as a leader, some saw the other. We tried our best on agreeing, and he is still one of my best friends today, but I surrendered my position for the good of the project. For a while I thought we had the same goal for the project, but having to make sure we both wanted to exact same thing for every detail was tedious. I bring this up, because I have seen the drama in the contribution team. When I was a member, I saw plenty of conflict and miscommunication. There were factions and fighting between contributors, and the issue was communication. Nobody could agree on what they wanted the Wiki and Blog to be, and leadership occasionally felt absent or confusing. The Contribution team deals with a constantly evolving project, heavily reliant on personal preference, which is very hard to communicate. This is why BASIC communication is essential to this: having one person give commands to a small team works.

    I used to blog for my job, and I see the structure of the contribution team as a mess. By all means, I would be thrilled to be proven wrong. The old problem was an absence of leadership, and now you'll have the problem of absence of communication. The Wiki doesn't have to be an insane project, because right now it isn't broken. However, the blog platform is a mess. There is a lack of structure in all fronts, posts are usually underwhelming, and contributors aren't fairly compensated for their hard work. I know the EMC blog isn't supposed to be the absolute best of the best, but at the very least it should be functional. You are expecting a Rolls Royce, but are only supplying the resources for a wood plank with wheels on it. I talked with the team when I was a contributor because I wanted to know what the dream for the blog was, and I was never given a clear answer. Based off what I've heard from my friends who are or were recently contributors, I'm not sure if you even do now.

    Alex, throughout my time on EMC I have had a tremendous amount of respect for you and all the hard work you've done. Fendy, I consider you a friend and admire everything you've done on the Contribution team and in the community. This isn't me doubting your abilities, this is me saying this may not be the best of ways to lead. Your team and yourselves have done some AMAZING work to be proud of, and I want the best. Dwight said we should all give you a chance, and I think he's right. What I'm saying here is out of concern and respect, not hate or jealousy.

    The teams biggest problem has always been communication. Within the team, things can be pretty messy, and making it more complicated will only make things worse. Basic human nature and psychology shows the conflict and struggles of power that can occur between two leaders. The team needs to be restructured and less complicated, and two people will make that harder. Remember what happened last time we tried that? Half the staff and many players left, an outrage was caused on the server, and an admin went out in a furious blaze taking a chunk of the server with him. Differences in ideology opened a rift between two leaders, which tore our community apart. Could this be that bad? Absolutely not, but we should remember history. Right now we have one single community leader, Krysyy. We also have one single owner and lead developer, Aikar. We should keep it that way.

    TL;DR: Alex and Fendy are two professional and spectacular guys. I'm not doubting on their abilities, but I am doubting this because of history and human nature. You continue to change up every team expecting a different result, but it always results in the same conflict and low participation. I have a lot of experience with leadership, and you are setting yourself up for failure once more.

    Krysyy, I respect you immensely, and the job you do. But I'm going to say this so you don't have to twist it for me: EMC needs to rethink the teams. This isn't anyone's fault, but I refuse to excuse you for not listening to both common sense and the concerns of others. I don't blame you, because I believe the arguments here are surrounded in a lot of hate. I even feel horrible for posting this in the first place, but I think this needed to be said.

    EDIT: My main objective was to try to help others understand where this argument is coming from. The staff are fantastic, and I have no doubt in that. While I don't agree with the decision, I know the staff will handle themselves well. I probably did a bad job of saying this in my main post, so I'll say it here. I'm trying to add to the discussion by expressing my concern, and trying to encourage a beneficial and engaging conversation. Not a violent debate/fight. I want these points to be addressed, and I am not trying to overturn this decision.
  19. After reading through all that text you got to admit he does make a fair point. There's instances in world history where that kind of system hasn't worked out either.