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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by khixan, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Gratulerer Schlaf, I like the beautiful buildings in smp8.
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  2. Congratulations Schlaf82! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create as part of the build team! :D
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  3. Good luck, Schlaf!
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  4. Congrats!
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  5. Whoops, I forgot to reply. :p

    Congratulations, Schlaf! Nice to still see you around. :D Have fun with being on the build team. :)
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  6. Sorry for a late reaction and yah, I'm even going to be so bold to totally ignore the red warning below this entry field! :eek:

    I'm a very casual player right now and sporadically play & visit the forum. Heck, I even had to check if I didn't respond already (and according to my post history I didn't).

    Anyway... a very much belated but also very much warmly meant congrats! to Schlaf82!

    I think this is awesome news... I still remember heading out on SMP8's Frontier several years ago because many of my EMC friends had told me about "some cool buildings" around there. Which, according to them, were really nice to see.

    Yah... they said "nice" but when I went out there I figured that they were a "little" mild there because... holy moly... that was massively impressive! I spend at least 30 - 40 minutes IRL just walking around to wander and admire, this was seriously impressive.

    But that impression was only scratching the surface so to speak.

    I also recall some very warm SMP8 moments... This was during the time when I / we were more active with GRIP (there really is not much need for this service now and that reminds me of an "EMC todo"). Alas, someone in-game warned me how some <self censored> had griefed the buildings around the SMP8 Frontier; they "lavacoated" them for the most part (for obvious reasons I'm not sharing details).

    That was red alert status for me (I still remembered the awesome time I had exploring & discovering) so needless to say we opened all the registers and the whole GRIP inventory was open for grabs for rebuild and alerts were sent out through PM's to request all active members at that time to come out and help if possible. Yah... that was the honest intention but as I learned then and there: SMP8 is a very tight community within the (also tight!) EMC community. Hard to explain, but back then? I was amazed, seriously, at seeing how many SMP8'ers rose up to help us fix the damages.

    Trust me when I say that these were horribly tedious tasks... removing cobble and crap from all those buildings, and as you know: we're talking about a survival world here and also good to know for you youngsters out there ( :D ) scaffolding didn't exist back then. Which also led to some of my amazement because some players really knew what was needed but didn't want to risk destroying stuff. So they build scaffolding from dirt and told the players with more "authority" how to reach the more difficult moments.

    Seriously guys... I spoke to someone back then who told me that they had spend hours building ramps and such and also went 2 - 3 hours past their bedtime just to help fix the whole mess.

    (edit... forgot the most important part! :oops:)

    Remember me saying "scratching the surface" earlier up there? I was one of those player that headed up to hard accessible areas and also started fixing more detailed work. And it was then and there when I got to see myself just how much detail Schlaff had put into his builds... I've seen details which were invisible from below yet were still there... Yah, there's a reason why I keep saying how impressive all of this was...


    Point of my mini vent: most players loved Schlaf's builds, just like I did, and helping to fix damages was a question that didn't even need to be asked, of course they would!

    Yah... so with that experience still somewhat fresh in my mind I think it is awesome news to see such an amazing builder become part of the team!

    I'm hoping schlaff will have an awesome time as a build member and I'm also hoping that we'll get to enjoy his work for many more years to come!

    Congrats Schlaff! This is well deserved if you ask me!

    (once again: apologies for the massively delayed reply but... for reasons mentioned above this is a special thing to me so yah... a shared congrats was necessary).
  7. Wow, I was completelty taken by your nice words! Thank you so much, really!!

    I remember very well when smp8 ”went together” and repaired my small town, which was completely destroyed.
    I deciced to stop play back than, but when you guys steped forward and spent so many hours helping me I changed my mind! Many of you went together and showed why smp8 is the best server (along with the other diffrent smp´s of course)!

    Thanks again for your nice words, now I will read it thought again and suck it in=)
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