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  1. Geek/Nerd points.
    I was bored so I though of a this little idea.
    Each answer is worth 4%. Figure it out and give us your percentage. :) List the answers, if you like. :)

    Do you/have you...
    1 -Regularly post on forums?
    2 -Listen to theme tune music?
    3 -Play card games? (Yu-Gi-Oh and such games)
    4 -Play Dungeons & Dragons/other role playing games?
    5 -Program computers?
    6 -Know programming languages?
    7 -Collect comic books?
    8 -Watch Star Trek?
    9 -Love Sci-fi
    10 -Love Fantasy
    11 -Own the extended special edition of the LOTR Trilogy?
    12 -Know what LOTR stands for?
    13 -Enjoy maths?
    14 -Enjoy sciences?
    15 -Been called a nerd by another person?
    16 -Play MMOs? (MC not included)
    17 -Pay to do so?
    18 -Spend more than 3 hours per night playing games?
    19 -Participate in internet fads?
    20 -Built your computer?
    21 -Have a Degree?
    22 -Hope to get one?
    23 -Own packaged collectables?
    24 -Wear Geeky clothing?
    25 -Consider yourself a geek?
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  2. Those ones.
    14/25. =64% :)
  3. Does it only apply if I possess the physical LOTR case?
  4. 10/25= 40%
  5. I'd say if you paid for it. (so if it were to be bought through iTunes or something, that'd count.)
  6. 60%
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  7. This thread is from November 2011...there was no need to bump it.
  8. now that it's been bumped.. 60%
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  9. What is the problem with bumping something like this? If it were some player shop or service that no longer existed I could see what that would be rude, but there is absolutely nothing time sensitive about this post.
  10. I just don't see the point in bumping it. The thread died over four years ago. IMO it was best to leave it dead.
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  11. All three of the posting members are now inactive, so they may be getting unwanted emails about this etc.
  12. Eh, since the thread is already going again anyway...
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  13. This doesn't seem accturate... 24%... I might even be the biggest Nerd here
    1 -Regularly post on forums?
    13 -Enjoy maths?
    14 -Enjoy science?
    15 -Been called a nerd by another person?
    22 -Hope to get one? (university degree)
    10 -Love Fantasy
    I mean, I just enjoy watching romantic commedies and such, and Collecting commics and such isn't a thing here... but, if you ask me to explain some kind of phisics I'll do extrodenairy well for my age (Think in the derection of quantummechanica and physical reletivity) Also, I listen to Experimental jazz, I'm not sure if that's nerdy, but I'm sure I'm so far the only person I know who does so, and most people call it nerdy...
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  14. Sorry didn't mean to bump it, I just was looking at old threads and saw this and thought be fun to put my percentage
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  15. Oh, wow, indeed, it indeed is a really quite old thread, well, now it's bumped annyway, so, let the results come in :)
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  16. Hm... around 40%, I think. Which seems like not too much, but it also seems like many others are getting even less.
    Not that I feel like this is very scientific, but I still liked it. :p
  17. 48% - 12 of 25 1,5,6,8,9,12,13,15,16,17,18,20,21

    Pretty fun/interesting post... Almost selected 4, but have not done that in over 25 years! 12, loved the books, liked the movies at best. 16, WoW since beta... some before and I'm sure some new ones to come. Can I add +2 for hating Spelling and Lit?
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  18. 24% but cases could be made to bump that to 40%.
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