Nerd Points

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  1. Geek/Nerd points.
    I was bored so I though of a this little idea.
    Each answer is worth 4%. Figure it out and give us your percentage. :) List the answers, if you like. :)

    Do you/have you...
    1 -Regularly post on forums?
    2 -Listen to theme tune music?
    3 -Play card games? (Yu-Gi-Oh and such games)
    4 -Play Dungeons & Dragons/other role playing games?
    5 -Program computers?
    6 -Know programming languages?
    7 -Collect comic books?
    8 -Watch Star Trek?
    9 -Love Sci-fi
    10 -Love Fantasy
    11 -Own the extended special edition of the LOTR Trilogy?
    12 -Know what LOTR stands for?
    13 -Enjoy maths?
    14 -Enjoy sciences?
    15 -Been called a nerd by another person?
    16 -Play MMOs? (MC not included)
    17 -Pay to do so?
    18 -Spend more than 3 hours per night playing games?
    19 -Participate in internet fads?
    20 -Built your computer?
    21 -Have a Degree?
    22 -Hope to get one?
    23 -Own packaged collectables?
    24 -Wear Geeky clothing?
    25 -Consider yourself a geek?
  2. Those ones.
    14/25. =64% :)
  3. Does it only apply if I possess the physical LOTR case?
  4. 10/25= 40%
  5. I'd say if you paid for it. (so if it were to be bought through iTunes or something, that'd count.)