National Compliment Day Thread!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Krysyy, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Happy National Compliment Day EMC!

    Yes, it's a thing and we're celebrating!

    Celebrate with us by doing the following:

    1. Post a sincere compliment about the person above you on the replies to this thread.
    2. Find someone IRL and compliment them. You never know if your compliment can turn someone's day around.
    3. Compliment yourself today. Focus on the positive and let yourself know what you like most about yourself.

    Time to spread some positive messages to others!

  2. Thanks for showing us compliments day! :D

    And I fully agree with your quote. :)
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  3. Kryssy, may I just say it is great you think baout this day, this way I can get myself a free compliment, nice work :)

    More serious: Thank you very much for doing whhat you're doing, emc wouldn't be whhat it is without you :)

    Ninja'd by Tom... just shut up you... :p
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  4. I’d like to say that you’re an amazing builder, Jelle. :)
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  5. That's not a compliment! You could've given a compliment on my great ninja'ing skills. ;)

    Sage, your profile picture is cute. :D
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  6. Quite wise commentary Tom... And so good at auctions.

    Compliments to all musicians out here

    And compliments to myself for reading the thread clearly...

    And Krysyy... You neglected to compliment yourself there..
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  7. Raayn, you are always very helpful.
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  8. Hey, beautifuls, I'm walkin' over here! Over tuh you! Tuh say hello and thanks fuh ya wisdom, Iron Supporter GoG who knows that we eat and work to live, and not for its own sake! And thanks to Krysyy for all her dedication and getting us started on a feel-good chain!
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  9. hi there Bechstein ,welcome too emc i,me sure you will be a great addition too our family on emc
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  10. Very nice headphones you have there DELTIC!
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  11. Luckycordel, I really like your avatar.

    Compliments to anyone who is doing something positive for the world.

    Compliments to myself for reading the thread clearly.
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  12. You are a very fine, a very fine, person, We3_MPO! Hope you have a great day
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  13. I've never met you in game, however, I have heard great things about you. And recently I got sucked into that things staff do thread and saw your post about giving away diamond blocks back in the day. That was very kind thing to do! Thank you for being kind, and keeping the EMC forums fun! :)
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  14. Oh hey NDubb424! i love having you around on the servers and you are quite a nice person, hope your day turns out pretty nice!
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  15. Jackie you are wacky and that is unique cause people like being silly and you bring laughter to the game, thanks for being who you are.
  16. You seem like a nice person
  17. The people who do know me know me best from building public farms.
    I also interact in some EMC live streams and develop a Minecraft resource pack (FM Vanilla). I have a mostly positive track record on EMC.
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  18. ForeverMaster, I haven't really seen you around before but I just checked out your res (Forever Co. HQ) and it's awesome! Really detailed build :) Great work you seem like an awesome builder!

    And thanks for this great thread, Krysyy! Such a lovely idea :)
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  19. Yay this is such a positive thread I love it!
    HollyV you're amazing <3 Always so kind and friendly to everyone
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  20. This is actually a thing? I am very amused now.

    I don't know you well enough to dislike you, thereby making you automatically awesome!
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