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  1. hey everyone! im just wondering where and how did u guys get ur usernames,let me begin
    so i m hungaryan and my classmate took a the name"wartros" and i was about to copy it but i added "t-rex"to it .but later i realyzed what wart means in english....:eek:
    so if u think just leave the history of ur usernames!;)
  2. Mine's not the hardest reason to guess...
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  3. You have a dog called it Jack Biggin, like the name so you have it


    You met a alien and he said:
    Then you thought this:
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  4. my name:
    Nicholas Fell
    goes to secondary school:
    Gets school login - nfell
    They add my school join year (2009) = nfell2009
    That and I have so many Minecraft accounts that arn't and are premium! That means I have more than 1 account playing EMC so be careful who you tell a secret!
  5. I do a lot of jokes at school, so my classmates started calling me Chascarrillo. Then I created my facebook account and named it Santi Chasca, so my main usernames now are:
    Santi Chasca
    Wisegag (My secret alt, coming in January to EMC)
  6. There's already a thread of tis...Like some days or weeks or w/e ago.
    You can see my story in that other thread, I'm too lazy to re-write it as it's like a big wall o' text.
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  8. Just my normal name :)
  9. Just like me. :)
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  10. Mine is from a few different things. Feb 2007 I made a friend on IMVU who is a furry. He told me about fursuits and and I was interested and ended up choosing a panda because I love Pandas and that is my nickname when people can't remember my first name. Then because everyone I've always talked to says I seem sweet and cuddly and most furries have odd colorings to their fursonas and my favorite is blue, I started using cuddlybluepanda for everything. My emails and xbox are still this because I just can't be fudged to get new ones.

    Fast forward to everyone using names like iPwnNoobs, iEatBunnies and other cutesy little names etc. I decided to change it and because we only had Ramen for a while it became PandasEatRamen. I made my minecraft account then found out you had to buy the game and then was like EFF THAT. I then found out some girl on Twitter has PandasEatRamen as her name so I changed it to PandasEatPancakes because I had a thing for Pancakes at one point.
  11. Febuary! Sorry its my favourite month!
  12. haha fail greytext at the bottom xD
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  13. >used to play a lot of WarioWare Inc.
    >one of the characters was called 9-Volt
    >multiply number by 8
  14. Waaaiiiiitttt.....
  15. Ben Kate Luke Sam
    Be Ka Lu Sa
  16. :confused:?
    penfoldex. My online self is called Pen F. Go figure. And almost all my usernames start with penf…
  17. Is it your name?
  18. You have a dog called it Jack Biggin, like the name so you have it


    You met a alien and he said:
    Then you thought this:
  19. I have mine for two reasons:
    1. It's easy to remember (My name, Tyler, remove Y, add 6)
    2. I originally got this from a freak bowling computer accident. Instead of Tyler they put t6ler, so it just stuck :D

    Just had to have it be a "freak accident"
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