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  1. Calling All Trophy Namers!

    As you know, back in July we celebrated Empire Minecraft's SIXTH birthday!

    As it stands, the current trophies on the server only go up to 5 years. However, we need to acknowledge those of our players that have been around for 6 years, and prepare for their continued time here. Here's where you come in!

    The current list of Trophies for time on the forums:

    1 Year: Old Timer
    2 Years: Empire Veteran
    3 years: Empire Trooper
    4 Years: Empire Senior
    5: Years: Empire Elder
    6 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    7 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    8 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    9 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    10 Years: TO BE DECIDED

    We need YOUR input. In a post below, comment with what you think we should use as Trophy Titles going forward for the next 5 years.

    Trophy points will be decided by the admins following selection of the titles. Previous title names may not be changed. Who knows, maybe there will be some special 'surprise' things given out as a part of this, but my lips are sealed on that (at least mostly) :p
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  2. first

    Do they have to start with Empire?
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  3. Nope
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  4. 6: Senior Emperian
  5. so does this mean u guys also plan 2 be around 4 the next 5 years? thats a re-assuring thought!!
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  6. Empire Elder Plus
    Empire Elder Plus Plus
    Empire Elder Plus Plus Plus
    Empire Elder Plus Plus Plus Plus
    Empire Elder Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus
  7. (No specific numbers for these but...)
    Empire Lord
    Empire Overlord
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  8. Decorated Emperian
    Dedicated Emperian
    Empire Master
    Dedicated Elder
    Thats what i have so far
  9. empire skeleton

    cus they've been here so long they're dead of old age
  10. I tried 2 versions, one following the current style and another more "creative" one, something more achievement-like.

    6 years - Empire Expert
    7 years - Empire War-Horse <= Don't really like this one, but couldn't figure out anything else
    8 years - Empire Ancient
    9 years - Empire Relic
    10 years - Empire Jedi
    6 years - Age like a fine wine
    7 years - Lucky 7
    8 years - Two Terms
    9 years - Honorably antique/archaic
    10 years - It's been a decade
  11. Empire Knight
    Empire Baron
    Empire Earl
    Empire Duke
    Empire King


    Empire Ronin
    Empire Samurai
    Empire Daimyos
    Empire Shogun
    Empire Emperor
  12. 6: It's all down hill from here.
    7: 1 foot on a banana peel.
    8: Just a couple years left.
    9: Your almost there.
    10: Time to put you in the ground.

    Thought a little fun with this, would get some better suggestions. :p
  13. 6. Empire Predecessor
    7. Empire (insert something here) I can't think of anything for here right now.
    8. Empire Elder Commander
    9. Empire Master
    10. Empire Grand Chancellor
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  14. 6 years - Established Emperian
    7 years - Reverent Emperian
    8 years - Decorated Emperian
    9 years - Empire Overlord
    10 years - Empire Legend
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  15. "It's been a decade, and you still don't have a life."
  16. Empire Monk... of the EMC temple
    Empire Granny... of all of the newbies
    Empire Sitter... of all of us children
    Empire Eater... who's addicted to pixels
    Empire Sailor... with EMC being the ocean they are still crossing

    Still Clicking
    Another Block Down
    Neck Crank
    Cranky Emperian

    I can't help but think that all old EMCers just have to be cranky...
  17. 1. Empire Six-Pack
    2. Empire Lucky Sevens
    3. Empire Eight ways from Sunday
    4. Empire Nine Lives
    5. Empire Perfect 10
  18. 1 Year: Old Timer
    2 Years: Empire Veteran
    3 years: Empire Trooper
    4 Years: Empire Senior
    5: Years: Empire Elder
    6 Years: Empire Ancient
    7 Years: Empire Eternal
    8 Years: Empire Timelord
    9 Years: Father Time
    10 Years: Dweller of Decades
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  19. 1 Year: Old Timer
    2 Years: Empire Veteran
    3 years: Empire Trooper
    4 Years: Empire Senior
    5 Years: Empire Elder
    6 Years: Empire Legend
    7 Years: Empire Ascendant
    8 Years: Empire Praetor (leader of the Roman Legion; there were always two, but before I go off on a tangent, just look it up :p)
    9 Years: Empire Champion
    10 Years: Emperor of the Empire (I suggest that this title gives you a tag as well. Like the tags that say "staff member" or "supporter"or whatever under your name on the forums. It'd say Emperor, and be bolded golden text. just my two cents :))