[Mystery Glitch] Can't see ANY blocks!

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  1. Alright so, what it is is I can't see anything but chests and signs. I COULD see wood and sandstone and basic accessories, but now it's just chests. Below is a series of screenshots that were in between my moving to different residences, logging out then back in, an shutting the game off and reconnecting. I logged into another server of mine, and it was just fine, I saw nothing out of place. So um. Can I get help? Is it me? Is it the server?

  2. Ha! Your Getting Banned Xray Haxor! (Jks)
  3. Well I did get the Xray mod to see what it was about then it decided to take over my stupid game, but last night I'm pretty sure I got rid of it. besides, isn't xray the whole button thing? Where you press a button and see stuff? I haven't pressed any buttons it just started when I teleported.

    PS. Xray is one of the stupidest mods. It takes away the fun of survival.
  4. Wut? :confused: Are you sure you didn't do anything else? Like change render distance or resource packs?
  5. lol

    Should change thread to, "Help, I tried to use xray but now I dont know how to use it"

    To fix your issue you have to press whatever key it assigned to it. Googling it shows this,

    This mod comes with 5 functions:
    X-Ray "X" key
    NightLight "L" key
    Redstone Finder "R" key (Bugged, dont use a switch when this is on)
    Fly "F" key (if installed)
    Better Coordinates - use the "C" key to toggle
    Version Checker - When you start Minecraft the version checker will get the version number of the latest version from my website and then check if it matches your current version.
    So Try hitting X key. if that doesnt work, R key (although i have no idea wtf a redstone finder is, that for finding redstone traps or ore???).

    It looks like the xray hack shows co-ords on the top of your screen too that can be disabled by the "c" key. Showing it on your screen proves it is still installed and running on emc.

    Frankly I figured emc had some sort of auto-ban thing when it detected xray. You may already be flagged for admin review just by running it.
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  6. That's Not A Thing Though...
  7. Problem is, I completely removed it last night, and I have several blocks of ore on one of my residences- I can't see those either. The only time I have coords up is with f3.

    Heck, last night, I uninstalled the whole Minecraft and redownloaded it. So I mean.... Yeah. Yeah..... If I'm flagged or something, it sure would be great to have a mod help me out ._.
  8. I haven't changed resource packs in a week, and my render distance is as it always is. I really am just wondering what the heck is going on.
  9. Have you tried completely deleting your .minecraft folder? Back up your worlds and screenshots first and then delete the whole folder.
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  10. Whenever this happened to me, it was because Minecraft was running out of memory and was having trouble rendering everything. You just need to allocate more RAM to Minecraft (If this is the case). See if it'll help. By the way, you're going to need Java 64x to allocate more than 1 GB of memory to anything.
    Once you have a 64 bit version of java installed, go into the minecraft profile editor, check JVM arguments, and type
    -XMG#G with # being how much memory you want to allocate.
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  11. Just take out that mod from the mods folder

    Is illegal to have x-ray btw
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  12. Was more of an untested assumption
  13. yeah that definitely looks like a memory issue to me
  14. As stated above, you're still using X-Ray. You need to make sure you're rid of it for when you return - unfortunately I can't help you with that.
  15. I'd say he got off easy

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  16. As I said, I am not using it. I removed it and completely un and reinstalled MC to get rid of it, last night. I'm still having the block sight issues on this account, but when I went and logged in as my alt it was fine. However, when I went back to this account, the block issue was still there.
  17. Wait what why the heck am I temp banned? I wasn't using Xray! I got rid of it last night!
  18. albeit possible for a legitimate issue to be helped with. This whole thing comes off as you basically needing help using an illegal mod on emc. I know what you have stated above, I'm just saying how it looks.
  19. You got banned because you posted screen shots proving you ARE using the xray hack on EMC, whether you believe you uninstalled it or not, the evidence shows different.