I believe I can fall down! I believe I can touch the void!

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Shame on you. 2 vote(s) 10.5%
Yay. 17 vote(s) 89.5%

  1. Because I had boredom and wanted to know what would happen if I fall into it. I managed do to it with the help of ender pearls.
    Eh, got bit of damage and it kicked me as it thought I was flying.
    Managed to touch and get below bedrock layer.
    Yay for me?
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  2. Wow, I should try that! lol! :D
  3. 2013-06-15_12.54.14.png
    Notice my y coord. :cool:
  4. Wow,and this is a bit off-topic,but how did you get those Beacon Collector-Diamond Hoarder things in your sig?
  5. D:

    Well, time to see for myself what happens now if I log in.

    Edit: Aw c'mon, why did it had to send me back safety :(
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  6. What is the trick to go through bedrock at the bottom? I tried it in a SP world, I can only go thru the top...
  7. The top?Keep enderpearling crazily at bedrock will work,I think
    If only enderpearls teleported you in creative so I can do a little experiment.
  8. I know how to go through the top, I don't know how do go thru the bottom.
  9. PandasEatRamen. Ask her.
  10. KEVINWelch2001's res has no bedrock. I have been to -1000000 and you don't die since you're in town.
  11. not anymore, it teleports you up now.

    I really wish WorldEdit would stop making these holes... (We use WorldEdit to paste the Wastelands Spawns)
  12. But it is so fun! Why is it bad that it is open?
  13. I'm pretty sure I found a way to make a chunk error. Because I don't think WorldEdit would leave something like this:
  14. We've actually had these holes very commonly when using WorldEdit for repairing PRA's heh :(

    Is this whole like missing part of the entire Wastelands OP now? Where is this?

    The fact you see the stone makes me believe its a visual error as that would be the Anti Xray showing stone.
    Maybe error sending the chunk to your client.
  15. ^That's the cause.
    Every time I go there everything is fine. When I do the trick I discovered (by entering and leaving the protected area while running) it appears, thus making me the first player to get into the void in the wastelands? When I leave the area and come back everything looks normal.