Aikar... What did you break this time...

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  1. So I noticed something was up with trapped chests..
    2014-01-31_10.26.49.png 2014-01-31_10.26.52.png
  2. Wat ._. so trapped chests are now smoothstone? errr, okaaayy...
  3. I don't get it. lol
  4. It's the regular chests I think... All the stone you see are chests.. Come to 4284 and you'll see.
  5. After I opened my chests they look normal...
  6. My storage is trapped and normal chests and they where just fine a minute ago
  7. all your chests.. are well just chests xP
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  8. Is someone trolling you? :p
  9. I honestly don't have a clue.
  10. Happened to me this morning. I broke the stone and the items popped out. :/
  11. I think it's something to do with anti-xray plugins that for some reason mess up with chests.
  12. My regular chest are doing this. If I punch them they go back to normal. :confused:
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  13. Glad I'm not the only one..
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  14. I just been noticing some other weird glitches with blocks changing into other blocks.

    Have PMed Aikar the one I was able to replicate.

    What IS going on?

  15. I haven't had this chest issue, but I have noticed that if I'm messing around and break stuff like flowers and whatnot it drops a stone block but then changes back to whatever the item is.
  16. grr... Spigot made a change to Anti Xray, appears it broke it...
  17. For me its just texture swap occasionally, I can open the chest and it goes back to the proper texture.
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  18. One time I was at a ender farm and I was harvesting seeds, but when they popped out they had the texture of smooth stone till I picked it up..