My voters shovel missing

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  1. I have only been in long enough to harvest some sugar cane in the last few days. I log in today 3/29/15, and to my shock my voters shovel has vanished!!! I have looked in every server via my enderchest, and inventory. I have had help looking over my 4 res and in my chest!! I checked to see if my kids had it. Its gone. Please tell me their is a way to get it back!! Or find out if its a glitch! I vote everyday and have like a 130 streak going on. To get these items, so it was a disappointment that it was gone once i logged in today. Can any admins help???
  2. Try your vault?
  3. I did all 5 pages
  4. Have you checked each SMP?
  5. I did that too
  6. How about checking every one of your kids' accounts (vault, enderchest, every server, every chest)?
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  7. Have you used the shovel? If so, which smp did you last use it?

    The reason I asked is because there's a client side glitch wherein the client does not read that the shovel is unbreakable. Therefore, it will take durability damage and will eventually break. If you right click the inventory or keep moving around for a couple minutes, it will return to your inventory with full durability.

    It's possible that's the cause. However, I can't be certain what happens if you log out or swap servers after the shovel breaks but before it respawns.
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  8. Maybe you pressed the drop key accidentally or something like that?
    I've done it before without even realizing.
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  9. It is soulbound, therefore, you cannot drop it.
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  10. Well, I wouldn't know. I mean, my voter's block once disappeared on me... and I never found it back.
  11. Funny you say that, I am missing my Diamond Voter's Block of Clickyness. (Or however it's spelled)
    Is there a thief going around EMC?
  12. Maybe but i lost my mind years ago, a thief now would not help me, i need someone to blame now.
    Or's Herobrine...........dun dun dun.
    Yep i went there.
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  13. Its just screwy i don't play for a few days due to work and now its gone!! I am not implying it was stolen, only that something isn't right.
  14. Well, I lost mine back in June 2013 :p
  15. Did you use /dispose at any time while it was in your inventory? I threw out a perfectly awesome sword the other day doing that - doh! Too bad you can't actually see what you're dumping one last time when you're confirming disposal.
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  16. Nope that's not the issue either
  17. If you dropped it, it should be in your mail.
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  18. You can't drop sole bound but I will check once back in game ty
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