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  1. Hello humans,
    Jay2a and I have been working on a super cool 2D platformer lately, and I thought id want to hear what the community has to think about it so far, id really love some feedback on it, and it can be harsh if you want :)
    Ill post my update videos here once and a while and eventually ill make a demo for everyone to enjoy if they like!
    Id like to give a giant thanks to Jay2a for making all the art you see there, hes a terrific artist and you should contact him if you ever need him to draw you something!
    The game is a 2D platformer, but it will have a lot of cool features that will make it unique, so far im mainly working on the base game which is what you see there.
    Also the game will be free to play on Gamejolt when its done, and for anyone thinking, it was created in Unity5/C#, and the real time lighting is a paid software I use called Sprite Illuminator.

    UPDATE #7 (Most recent)
  2. Cool! Making games is the best way to learn.

    Since you asked for feedback...have you noticed that the lighting seems to apply a per sprite gradient rather than blending over multiple sprites? At 0:42 you can see the effect. From the character outward the brightness goes light->dark|light->dark|light->dark. It should really blend over multiple sprites.

    I can see that the game keeps the player centered on the screen. With a 2D jumping game the vertical movement can be tiring. Some games don't move vertically for jumps since the player will just come right back down. Think of it as a buffer zone where the screen only scrolls once the player has reached a certain distance from the edges. I think since the player is moving left to right here that the vertical movement could be eliminated.

    Keep going!
  3. Thanks for the feedback Jesus,
    I have noticed many issues with the lighting, it used to be a lot worse trust me >_<
    I'm still trying ways to fix it, believe it or not their used to be little people all over every single block, I only noticed it when I zoomed in a ton, for a month I thought it was just some weird shading thing,
    As for the movement thing, from what I understand do you mean for it to sort of be like geometry dash style movement?
  4. Yeah! Interesting game. Developers have tried to solve this in different ways. I don't think there is a 'right' answer.

    Here are some classic examples:

    Super Mario 2, NES
    (going up)
    (going down)
    Was a pretty novel idea with fixed distance scrolling.

    Contra, NES
    Around the 5:00 mark. Note that when he jumps side to side the screen doesn't scroll up much. Only when he reaches a new height does it advance.

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Genesis
    These guys really needed a solution. I think they solved it well and the game feels pretty good with the chaos.
  5. For some reason it does not let me quote you,
    I had a while ago for some sort of boss levels maybe that the boss is chasing you throughout the level coming from the left and going fast to the right and you have to make lots of hard jumps and slides to keep up with it and if you fall then that would be pretty bad, sort of like that bad second level I was showing in my game but a lot different.
    Another thing,
    I used to have a lot more things in my game, ladders, flying monsters and moving platforms, a level timer and so many things, but then my computer somehow corrupted a ton of my files overnight so I had to restart, but it was good because the game is a lot better, an example is one of the earlier updates
    This shows ladders and the timer also
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  6. It looks great, are you coding it or are you using software like game maker?
    I would try and be helpful but I don't know too much about making games.
    If you did code it can you drop me a PM of where you learnt to code like that :) :D
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  7. I'm making it in Unity 5 Guill, also I am programming it in C# and I learned from YouTube basicly. Search up tutorials
  8. Ok cool :p idk I must be doing some thing wrong because i have been trying to lear python and the tutorials never seem to work :(
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  9. Ah Python, search up thenewboston on YouTube he's got the best programming tutorials I know of. I actually learned Python from a free ebook called "the absolute beginners guide to programming".
  10. I love it! Now, not because the game appeals to me though, but that has nothing to do with the way you programmed it but only because I've grown a bit out of those platform games (I lived games such as Commander Keen and Bubble Bobble for example ;)).

    But I really like what you showed here. Obviously the jumping / platform elements but hidden areas (doors), I noticed a key so you'll probably add a puzzle element in this as well (locked doors?) and I guess powerups are in it as well...

    Thing is: I know what its like to program something, and while this may look "simple" or "easy" to some readers I can assure you (if you're one of those readers) that things which may look easy more than often are much harder to set up than you might give it credit for.

    Just curious: where did you get the sound track from? Is that a freebie you're using or are you setting up something of your own?
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  11. Hi, I'm glad you love the game! Yea puzzel and many other hard things will be a part of this game. And cool types of level design. The music is from this great album of free commercial use 16bit music that's for game developers, there's lots of music I am going to use. What you can see in the newest update video, yes is a lot of the base game. What you see there was made in about 17 scripts that are really long each. I might try and greenlight it if I were to somehow get 100 dollars, if it becomes successfull on gamejolt I might. Thanks for your kind words :)
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  12. bump, added ladders and moving platforms today, working on adding health bars above players and enemies
    also going to add a level timer, enemy projectiles (ill have to make the art for that my self if I can because Jay2a's been gone >_<) also going to add flying enemies, already got a sprite sheet of a bat from Jay!
    Prepare for epicness

    In this update I show the Flying Bat enemy, who only comes after you when in range, a WIP health bar, a level timer that slaughters you when the time is up, a ladder, moving platforms, and health/life pickups
    hopefully my recording wasnt to bad :p
    ps. sorry about those crazy cursors at the bottom
  14. Looks cool so far. The background looks a bit weird with the lighting though. Great art and design.

    Be sure to have the bricks be able to be seamless. The brick you jumped over looked a bit odd.
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  15. Thanks!, that random brick there is just for testing those skeletons patrol script
    that brick thing might be very hard to fix though but Ill try
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  16. Yes, a buffer-zone is a welcomed thing for any games.

    Segment the screen into 1/5 parts. Only scroll and "pull the player to the center", when they reach the 1/5th edge. (Use a timer to center, if they stand-still within the 2/5th section. After like 3-5 seconds.)

    Jumps should be non-moving, only the landings, on a vertical direction, unless also in that 1/5 top edge. Then a generic "follow", which turns into a "re-center", after landing, would be ideal. (Ideal for lack of motion sickness and prime "all viewing directions".)

    Change your center as desired, like in Mario, they are more bottom and left, not true dead center.

    Another trick is auto-advance, after passing x-blocks from the last auto-advance. Sort-of like a faster version of zelda-style edge-advancement... But using that 1/5th marker again.


    You could run back and forth along 2-3, but hitting 5 would make you drift back to 2 or 3, while you are still moving forward.
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  17. Thanks for the advice, I think I get what you mean, I'll try and add a lot more cool gameplay things soon, I'm still making things so I can have all the things I need to make cool levels, also what do you think about adding power ups to the game?