My Opinion on Opinions

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kephras, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. People have too many of them.
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  2. In my opinion, your opinionated opinion is too opinionated of an opinionated opinion.
  3. Opinions are overrated.
    Just my opinion on the matter.
    Them's some wise words.
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  4. And so this thread was named the most meaningful meaningless thread.
  5. The most ... fascinating of opinions (which need not be discussed), is politics.
  6. This is very offensive.
    I do not see a reason for you to be beating that horse.
    For all we know, it is very much still alive.
  7. Yeah, that's what they said last time... JUST ONE MORE VOTE. nah that horse has been dead for centuries bruh :)
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  8. What are opinions? :confused:
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  9. I opinionate on opninioners who say their opinion of their opinion.
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  10. Nice one but you almost make it sound as if people can't post anything without sharing their opinion which I think is somewhat silly. Uh oh, that was one, wasn't it? Wasn't that an opinion I just shared? Meh, that's just silly, as if you can measure someone's opinions anyway. I say you should back up your statement with words. Yikes! :eek:

    I think I shared another opinion just now! :oops:

    Oh noes, and there's yet another one! :eek:

    IMO this is getting silly. errrr.... What does IMO stand for again? Uh, oh... :confused:

    Meh, something tells me I shouldn't haven't tried to respond in the first place :p

    It's all your fault of course :D
  11. Well that's just . . like . . . your opinion, man.
  12. Yo dog. I heard you like opinions. So we put an opinion inside of yo opinion so you can have an opinion while you have an opinion.
  13. Wow. That was such a weird feeling :p Everybody was probably expecting some really long post with multiple paragraphs and complicated reasoning, and then it was one, simple sentence.
  14. Eh, just being goofy. I think people sometimes need a reminder to lighten up ;)
  15. *starts sucking up helium*
  16. I have no opinion on this matter. I'm pretending to be Switzerland.
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  17. I have something to contribute to this conversation.
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  18. This is becoming 'The Pun thread v2.0' :p
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  19. Don't go into politics.. There are so many opinions there, many of then driven by who pays the highest.. :oops:
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