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what idea should i do

give away all my money and start over 15 vote(s) 38.5%
make a building out of diamond blocks 5 vote(s) 12.8%
be the leading TEXP leader for the month 6 vote(s) 15.4%
build the ultimate shop on smp2 13 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. So i have set a new goal for myself to give me something to do these holidays on EMC, as all i have been doing is running and jumping around random reses.
    some possible goals i was thinking of:

    1. Give all my money away and start over
    2. Make a building out of diamond blocks
    3. Be the leading texp leader for the month
    4. build the ultimate shop on smp2

    annnnd.. thats all i can think of right now, and unfortunatly most of them are very high standards, but im looking to achieve some of them.
    if anybody wants to make a base on a server id be happy to :)
    or share a good grinder.

  2. Sure, do that :)
    Just so you know, my morals would not get in the way if I were to receive a large amount of rupees :rolleyes:
  3. Can i haz ur rupees pl0x
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  4. A Building with main block being Diamond blocks and with beacons. That would be awesome looking res if done right :D
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  5. 1. Give all my money away and start over
    Don't, you'll miss it.

    2. Make a building out of diamond blocks
    Diamond block buildings may sound cool, but they really are a bit boring.

    3. Be the leading texp leader for the month
    Sounds like a big challenge, and when the month is done think of all the cool enchantments you could get!

    4. build the ultimate shop on smp2
    There are never too many stores, the bigger the better!

  6. One up ob1bob69, he has a tower 250 blocks tall made out of diamond blocks!
  7. Be the TEXP leader and sell enchants and make even more rupees. And make an awesome shop out of diamond blocks and beacons to sell the enchants in.
  8. Build something really cool, but not just with diamond blocks.
  9. You can't one up bob with diamonds.
  10. bob will not allow that happen. he has more diamond blocks than anyone truley knows.
    and he will out do you, just becase he can
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  11. Ultimate shop on SMP2, no ;)
  12. Build a ultimate shop on smp2 we need more diversity in shops. And don't give away your rupees.
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  13. Okay, okay I guess I'll let you give me ALL your rupees this time... But only this time! :p
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  14. Chances are it won't be different though
  15. I just want to say this, as no one but my wife knows the true amount. But I have been stocking up on diamond blocks since my first one found on EMC. Over a year ago. A day does not go by that I do not add at least one. I keep them hidden away, in secret locked chests in the wild. Just double chests of diamonds, because I can, for that day aikar does ruin the economy. I will be the diamond king. Above all others. Diamond King Smooch. Mark this day as the foretelling of the eventual future.
  16. Have you build a majestic Fortress around those chests?
  17. If by majestic, you mean made out of dirt, and by fortress you mean, hut, then yes. The grandest.
  18. Of course lol :p
  19. I detect boredom ;)

  20. Diamond blocks! Diamond blocks!