My head collection was stollen

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  1. Hey all I'm pretty upset right now i went to my res today and all my staff heads were stollen the collection was worth a lot a lot of money. when i go to staff they say they can do nothing. and leave so this might seem a little crazy but i am contemplating never playing emc again. So just in case i decide not to play emc again i want you all to know why.
  2. Hmm... It is sad to see players gain perms to someone else's residence only to take things. Sadly nothing 'can' be done but I'm sure some of our community members will be able to help. I would but I has my only monies set aside for a Voucher for NBM xD
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  3. In assuming someone had perms on your res?
  4. If they were placed on a wall or on something then they should be able to see who removed it. Not sure if anything is logged when items are in chests though. And giving any kind of flag is no excuse to steal.
  5. Staff will take action in extreme cases. Appeal to Kryysy to see if this is a pattern or repeat offender. You won't get the heads back (as is normal) but they can ban the offender.
  6. List the heads and I'll see if I can refund
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  7. In town, there is very little we can do if you are griefed. Your res is your responsibility - don't give out flags to people you don't trust.
  8. huh...
    These, like 3 weeks have been weird, I've heard about two other victims that got griefed or gotten anything stolen.
    And every victim was from SMP1
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  9. first i did not give out any perms and thanks fbuilrs the heads i head were chickeneer jackbiggin akair burgernight luckygreenbird breezymans signature and i thinks thats it
  10. I believe they will give them out if you ask them nicely in a PM. Not sure if they still do but it's how I got mine.
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  11. Same, this is the second stolen thing I've heard of in like a week. (and in 2 days I'm also claiming the residence of a player who griefed...) The world is turning into more "badness" :p
  12. Yeah I've seen this too... I'm so sorry maxbobe T_T but like kloned said, pm the staff and they might be able to send you replacements :) and also like he mentioned if they were "placed" then they should be able to catch the offender. I did have all my promos out on display at one time, but have since moved them to my vault when there's no occasion to put them out. maybe you should vault your valuables for now?

    It would be sad to see you leave after all the effort you've put in to EMC :(
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  13. Just let me say one thing i love emc and have donated over $200 and to say that staff members saying they can't do anything is a disappointment is a understatement
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  14. Have you tried to reason with the thief? I know that doesn't seem like it will end well, but there is always a chance. Other than that, when you give people perms it does give you a warning :/
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  15. If staff make an exception for you they would have to with everyone then one person who set up a plot to trick staff into free items. Staff can't let that happen here for staff can't replace stolen items.
  16. Then how did those get stolen? Because that part is a bit fuzzy here, and sharing might help protect others.

    Edit (update): I checked your residences just now, 2 out of 3 have flags assigned to other players. Including the admin flag. And you should realize: the admin flag = danger.
  17. I'd like to hear more information on the matter. :)
  18. Look just to clarify i don't know who the thief is i have only gave out one flag on the res the heads were on and that flag was removed way before i even got the heads i am just as confused as you are
  19. I'm sensing some possible parallels... Ok, very important question for you: how were those heads placed? Were they attached to the wall, did you put them in item frames, or did you place them on the ground? Maybe on a pillar?

    I'd also like to share some, maybe obvious, tips. Sorry for maybe stating stuff you already did, but with these kinds of threads I'd like to go all the way. It might even be useful for other players...
    • Check your /vault page(s). It wouldn't be the first time when I "accused" a friend of mine for hanging onto my voters shovel while it was actually in my vault (its normally in a chest on my res).
    • Check enderchests. Not just on the server you are on (smp1 in your case); check utopia and all the others as well.
    • Storage... Obviously a possible option.
    Either way, you pretty much narrowed down the res you're talking about for me. I'm also going to look around, merely to try and answer my own question up there. Because right now I can't help wonder if this could be something which has happened in the past before (sorry for being vague, but I'm not going to comment on things which might not be related at all).
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  20. Looks like a compromised account, get SS+ to check your logs with IP's so they can sort out whoevers using your account. Make sure to switch passwords and in this situation you will most likely be refunded