My EMC Promotional Video

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  1. :D

    (Music is not copyrighted so its fine for me to use it.)
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  2. 1st! XD I'll edit later ;)
    EDIT: That's really cool! I like the part with the staff :p
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  3. Cool vid!
    Only thing I would change is adding 'no pvp' somewhere, but its simple, direct and to the point!

  4. Have you thought of applying for the YouTuber rank?
  5. Yea, I can still edit it and re-upload you know :)

    Actually, I might since I missed someones name in credits XD
  6. *Staff watches house burn down*
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  7. Probably the best player made EMC Promo Video that I've seen. Thumbs up from me! Hey, I'd even recommend you try out for the YouTube Team. Send AlexChance some of your work, looks like you know what you're doing! What recorder and editor do you use?
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  8. Action! for recorder, Camtasia for editing.
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  9. Wowza. Nice!

    Is the music UnderwaterBeats? I feel like I have heard that one before....

    Very cool promo video.
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  10. Okay, added the missed person in the credits, Live2DieSlowly, and added "No-PVP Survival" to it.
  11. Awesome, but it looks like the staff decided to burn down someones house for fun adn watched it burn right in front of the person, also people dont know green name = staff. Overall AWESOME video.
  12. Well, they might get that green are staff since one is holding flint and steel and is looking down and one is normal and such :p
  13. Oh, didnt see the flint. ThenI have no complaints :)
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  14. Great Job :)
  15. Video is removed by the user :/
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  16. If i am correct, the usual bump time is 6 hours for all non-auction threads.

    I do not mind because it is a promo vid, but you never know...

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  17. Why was the vid taken down?
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  18. Woops, forgot to put in my new version (edited a little thing)
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  19. Still down for me. :(