More Moderators Incoming!

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  1. Hey everyone. We've been growing at an amazing pace lately and therefore are going to be bringing on some more green blood to the team. If you haven't filled out an application on our latest application (one that we launched in January) feel free to fill one out now. I'll be going through them with some of the team and we'll be hopefully bringing on more help soon.

  2. oo, scroll-down form. Fancy! Good luck to the appliers! :D
  3. wow this will be cool with new mods, good luck all :)
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  4. I like how it is now embedded into the site instead of in a different link. How exactly did you do that? Is it something players can use?
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  5. If we have already done the new application in the new window, does that therefore mean you will still look through those and nobody needs to fill in this one in your original post if they have done the second application anyway?
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  6. I can't wait to see the next new sacrifices moderators! :D

    The code that IcC used was
    You will need a Google form for it to work as I see it.
  7. This will be very good for EMC :)
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  8. That is cool. I never knew about it until now. Deserves to be in the Wiki :p
  9. Good luck guys :D. And to you fancy-coloured peeps, prepare for the incoming nags of hell ;)
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  10. Nice :)
    I like section 3 really test's you
  11. :p Lots of things aren't in the wiki as it is for Ingame things mostly, not on site. Maybe the help tab could be remade into the wiki? Ask Jack about it :p
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  12. Please note that becoming a moderator may or may not result in your soul being cut up into neat square pieces, and then being promptly being disposed of.
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  13. I'm tempted to put this in my sig. That's how funny it is.
    I don't know what jack can do with it though, however
    *NOTE* Nobody apply there, obviously
    *EDIT 2* Forget I said anything lol
  15. I think the opposite happened to bitemenow15.
  16. Yea, if I recall correct the cow glued him together with icecream afterwards.
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  17. Oh but your forgetting Max made it a soufflé after melting him. :3
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  18. I think you mean fruit cake :p.
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