Moople's Comic Creations!

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  1. So... I decided to start making comics! I'll try to post them when I don't procrastinate too much ;)

    I'll start this off with a little #HashBrokeIt :D

  2. I love it!!! Looking forward to the next of them! Hahaha!
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  3. gebus i wanted to make one of these but i was procrastinating... we should create one together lol.

    But awesome work yet again moople! I love your artwork hehe <3
  4. Poor Hash... never gonna live that one down.
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  5. Sweet
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  6. Bump! Might start another one soon.... ;)
  7. Woot! Made another :)
    The SS have broken a lot, so now they are in therapy to get help to stop breaking stuff! Krysyy is a very busy therapist! Read on to find out the rest ;)

    Huge thanks to all staff for everything that they do! (Even when stuff goes wrong and breaks... ;))

    Credit to Eviltoade for the idea for this comic :D
  8. I would love to see myself in a comic arguing with Marlix on who is the better skeleton :p
    P.S. It's me ;)
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  9. Haha, that's a great idea! Love it :D
    ;) ;)
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  10. Someone needs to show Krysyy this immediately xD I think she would love it :p
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  11. Consider this fact. LOVE!

  12. And that is my new profile picture. :p
  13. My face every time Rhy mentions a certain event :rolleyes:
  14. My face when you eventually do it
  15. This is the awesomest thread on EMC. Except maybe for the thread of threads thread.
  16. reminds me of my poor, poor SMP8 residences. 16150 was frostwalked. (see what I did there ;))
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  17. This is EPIC :) Nice going there Moople!

    Hehe, I knew Senior Staff Anonymous had to exist, and now we know :) lol!
  18. i was going to say the face on the last on was amazing xD but you beat me to it
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  19. Someone has to keep everyone in line and prevent more breakage somehow even if it is coming more now from JD than Chin #NotAmused
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