Mob spawning rate decreased?

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  1. That's what it seems like, does it have something to do with the new mob cap update coming?

    Or something to do with spawners not working at all for some periods of time?
  2. I feel that only blaze xp grinders are affected. The blaze upon spawning, will stay on the spot, causing other blazes to be unable to spawn. Where as for overworld xp grinders, the mobs will be carried by a water system, rendering mobs to be able to spawn. I'm not sure what's casuing this, but it has greatly reduced my daily xp gain.
  3. The water current and everything is working, it's just a lot slower. With Ethos' design, they should be able to spawn again within a few seconds though, correct?
  4. Yes, the mobs will be carried away from the spawners, to enable more to spawn. But for blaze xp grinders (Etho's lab design), the blaze remained on the same spot for me, causing no other blaze to spawn, as opposed to an overworld spawner, where the mobs are pushed by water, so it doesn't matter if they don't move.
  5. Oh I see. I assumed it was always like that, just takes them a while to shift..
  6. It was like that, until recently. A few days ago the mob spawning was still good, but it suddenly became... different.
  7. I assume it's something to do with an upcoming update, but can't be 100% sure.
  8. Same thing is happening to me :(
  9. Glad to see I'm not the only one!:p

    Here we are losing out on xp from blazes, while leo's gettin' xp from overworld spawners (I think)! :eek:
  10. It's happening to all of us I guess. I hope it gets fixed soon!

    EDIT: I believe the moving speed of Blaze's have been decreased.
  11. When i was trying to grind xp i went afk for 20mins, came back with 12mobs (i had 12from beginning tho) I went up to the spawner and saw that mobs did not move, dunno what's wrong but it's pretty weird
  12. Is this on Utopia only?

    Yesterday my zombi and cave spider spawners worked ok. (smp7) Except the cave spiders seemed more glitchy like right after the reset. Quantity was good though.

    I didn't run them too long though.... less than an hour.
  13. I'm sure this occures in all the servers, seeing as how others also face similar issues.
  14. I'm talking about a zombie grinder on SMP2, yes.
  15. Don't it have something to do with the amount of players online?
    Below 30 a xp grinder we had (with Manley and infiniteloop) worked just fine, when it got to higher values it was chaos.
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  16. I've had the same problem. I've noticed there are a few spots inside where they just sit. When they are sitting still like that, if I remove a block on the side of my grinder they'll come at me and start dropping down the funnel again.
  17. Sometimes. It really depends on what everyones doing.

    When 60 people are online, there's much more potential for lag causing activities to be occuring. Or random server hiccups. There is really so many factors.

    The population cap issue is seperate from what this thread is detailing though. This sounds to purely be based on lag.

    I wasn't on much last night (I'm building a structure on my server with WE/Creative to plan it out in prep to build it on EMC =P) so I didn't try grinding last night (Well really haven't grinded in past 2 weeks! poor TEXP rating), but I do know when I tried earlier yesterday it was having issues, as SecretAzn mentioned I was running around trying to find what caused cap.
  18. This can't be lag. I just got stationary blazes on my Utopia grinder with only 10 players on. The grinder worked as expected for 20 levels of xp then ground to a halt. I could see the blazes just hovering when they usually just drop down.
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  19. Houston,WE have a problem
    But yeah,The same thing happed to me for about 20min ago :(
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