Mob spawning rate decreased?

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  1. This. A thousand times, this!

    It's nice to see I'm not the only one left with broken blaze spawners. Misery loves company, right?
    My blaze are showing this exact same behavior. I had to modify one of the cones to allow it to work... ended up with 60 sticky pistons in there just to get it to operate like it did before the... issue? or whatever is going on.
    There is definitely something very different as of the last couple days. Blaze are effected badly. My other grinder still works fine (zombie/skeleton) but the darkroom isn't doing anything anymore (could be completely unrelated).

    I would be very happy if blaze started acting as they did a few days ago.
  2. Hmm.. the servers are acting very strangely atm.

    We don't have disconnects showing, now this.

    I also had my dark room spawner not spawning, but when I checked everyone in the wild, I couldnt find anyone with a grinder filled up.

    I hope justin can figure out whats going on.
  3. wow and i thought i just build my blaze farm wrong lol and also the crushers on the blaze keep closing by themselves :/
  4. the curse of the ddosers! jk :p

    My smp9 zombie grinder works amazing no problems yet actually

    just thay zombies are kinda laggy sometimes but jthat ok :)
  5. I left my blaze grinder because of this :(
    It was a 4 hour walk in the nether but then i killed myself to goto town. Guess im not going back there again...
  6. i usually put a nether portal in the nether and sometimes it brings me closer to town :)
  7. Placing a nether portal in the nether will never bring you closer to town.
    In fact, it will take you 8 times further away from town. as The Nether has an aspect ration of 1:8. For every 1 block you travel in the nether, you have travelled 8 in the wild.

    As for the spawners, im finding the mobs are taking 3 steps forwards, 2 stes back due to lag.
    I've been experiecing alot of redstone lag too, even when there was only 5 players online earlier.
    I have also noticed players not appearing in TAB. And player disconnects not appearing.
    Many weird things have been happening.

    Maybe were overdue a server reboot?
  8. Ive Noticed This About My Spawners They Spawn 10 Zombies/Skeleton Each Per 20 Minutes
  9. ok wait let me think yeah it too complicated to say lol i used like 3 nether portals to meka a 5000 block walk into a 500 block run i dont know how i just know i did
  10. The MOB limit for a server is 400. Maybe there was 400 mobs spawned in the wild at the time and the only time when more MOB's would spawn in your grinder was when other xp grinder users on that server killed off there MOB's. The more Xp grinders used at once the less spawn rate of MOB's. Plus, Tons of people have xp grinders now so that's probably why.
  11. Dungeon spawners arent affected by the mob limit, the mob limit only effects natural/darkroom spawn rates
  12. I believe that"s false. One can get more than 400 monsters loaded in an area, since monster spawners ignore the mob cap. If a player reaches more than 400 monsters, the natural spawning on that smpserver is affected.
  13. I noticed this too the other day. I was trying to work out what black magic was going on. Thought it was just me for a whie.

    Also, on the spawning subject I know that grinders don't affect the amount of natural nobs spawning around the wild area, but I had the funniest experience on spo2 yesterday. Went out to the wild around midday, and it is pouring down with rain. Naturally, I expect that some mobs will have survived the day time because of the rain, but I was not expecting HUNDREDS of mobs. I have never seen so many out in the open on smp2, even at night. Luckily lag was on my side and I made it through safely. then when I go to come back from the wild after mining, it's the middle of the night and I don't see a single mob. Not even one lousy creeper. It was so weird.
  14. is that right? you don't say. lol sorry but yeah thats weird
  15. I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic then, but if you were there was no need for it.
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  16. i wasnt being sarcastic i was trying to be funny and i agreed with you that whats happening was weird :/ another failed attempt to make friends on here.......

    Edit: i guess i really have to be better friends with you to joke like that lol oh well sorry about that.
  17. Off topic but if you want to make friends, dont try so hard and just be yourself all the time.
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  18. i am myself all the time lol i wasnt trying hard at all i never really have problems with ppl im a joyfull person :)
  19. but anyways good luck in getting this fixed :) me and my spawners will be waiting.
  20. KingofKraft13 is good people :) We like you just the way you are. In fact, one of the reasons I <3 this server is because for every jerk I run in to, I meet like 50 nice people... In real life those are great odds, and online those odds are unheard of.

    So, cheers to us! We rock!
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