Mob spawning rate decreased?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexC__, May 29, 2012.

  1. and congrats on the 100k club hope to see you in the 200k club soon ;)
  2. It's fine. Miscommunications happen easily on the internet.
  3. could you guys reboot just the nether worlds? maybe they are lagging their whole respective SMP:confused:
  4. There are scheduled reboots if I'm not mistaken, and this has continued after a reboot already :(
  5. I believe there was a reboot around 5 days ago, but I could be completely wrong. :p
  6. Well a while ago someone posted a thread going to all xp grinder user's saying that someone had been afk for to long at their xp grinder and hit the server MOB limit of 400 so his spawner or anyone else's wouldn't work. In his post he said the Server MOB limit was 400, that's where I got my info from.
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  7. Well I'm guessing Justin doesn't log bukkit.yml changes does he? He might have changed the settings on how many mobs spawn in one chunk. As far as I can say it has affected grinders.
  8. I viewed another players blaze spawner grinder. They had the decency to make their walls glass so I could see what was happening. The blaze where just sitting there not moving. No more where spawning due to the 8x8x3 spawn area around spawner holding sufficient blazes.
  9. the spawner i use on smp4 had the same issue
  10. yep that is happening to me to there just chilling there laughing at me :(
  11. Same thing, my skeleton spawner seems to only gives me 16 lvl of exp per hour....
  12. I hope your not, but are you suggesting that if you don't have glass around your blaze spawner that makes you indecent? :confused:

    So no one actually knows what's going on? Hmm. :/
  13. Hm, that's not what I was getting at, by spawning I meant natural spawning. My overworld spawners seem to work just fine.

    Edit : I just realised my overworld spawner is not working well either. It was working just yesterday...
  14. Natural mob spawns have been simply abysmal for me. I haven't been on much, but in an area about 50x120 I'm having literally 3 natural monsters spawning inside it over the course of 10 minutes on smp1 (with 20-30 people on)

    I have a skeleton spawner-based spawner working fine but the natural setup isn't doing anything.

    Could mob limits be kicking in server-wide and we are just having idle people eat up all the capacity?
  15. From personal experience i know that it is atleast possible to have 465 monsters loaded in your area.

    If this is only a server plugin, I request to undo that single plugin, that limits all our spawning, serverwidely.
  16. Spawners are not effected by the mob cap, only surface spawns.. if that's the right term.
    At work right now so I cannot check, but last night my blaze spawners were still full of 6 blaze just floating there laughing at me as they refuse to drop down the cone to allow other blaze to spawn.
    If any more evidence is required I can fraps this and upload it for review, but the issue in short is blaze do not move on their own.

    I am focusing on blaze mostly because that is what I care about the most. My other grinder is working as it's based on water, forcing the mobs to move, but it has slowed down greatly and the darkroom just sits empty.

    I am very glad to see that we have mods on here that seem to completely understand the issue at hand. Let's hope it can be fixed.
  17. Oh yeah, if the nether is 256 blocks 'spawned' tall now, it's not server lag, it's your own PC hating the way flowing lava is calculated.

    Or something.
  18. What is this refering to?
  19. I just tested this with my mob grinders, my cave spider grinder works normally, but my blaze grinder have stopped, the blaze spawn and stay still up there, eventually preventing the spawn of more blaze.

    This is clearly a server issue, since in single player the blaze still behave normally.

    I would like to know if this change was intended, to adapt my blaze grinder, or if it's unintended and will be removed, to wait and not mess with my grinder.