Misc updates - 1/31/14

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  1. Just put out a few improvements to the Empire

    • EMC-422 - No longer possible to mass farm Marlix and Momentus. Enraged spawn speed will gradually slow then stop completely.
    • EMC-340 - The friendly puppies of the Nether are now able to move again... Pet a netherhound!
    • EMC-421 - Looting now has an effect on all custom EMC drops! From bonus chance of drops to extra drops, make sure you use your best looting sword.
    • EMC-423 - Items will now properly stack when picked up
    • CraftBukkit / Spigot Updates: Arrows fixed to actually despawn now (previously did not despawn and caused tons of server lag)
      Removed experimental Spigot change for now as it is not ready.
    • Gave /map hide to ALL players.

      It was on the to do list ever since I took over. It was extremely unfair that Free players could not safely build in the wild. Iron Supporters have received plenty of extra perks to make up for this loss, and more perks are scheduled to be added to Iron too.
  2. So netherhounds work and could potentially be dangerous again?
    Woah, map hide for everyone? :O
    EDIT: First! :D
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  3. Yay for Misc updates! :D
  4. So what are the additions to Iron Supporter? :D
  5. Considering up/downgrading? :p
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  6. Haha no, I'm curious though
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  7. Im checking to see if my resident arrow is gone finally.. :D

    EDIT: ...Nupe, he hasn't been evicted yet.. :oops:

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  8. Awesome. Dang you are fast Aikar.. you gotta knock off the drugs though, not sleeping can't be good for you... There's no way you can knock out these changes AND sleep and eat in the time you have. It's not natural. :eek:

    But it's Awesome! :p
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  9. This is awesome!
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  10. I am not complaining about the arrows but they seem to be despawning a tiny bit too fast for long range retrieval. I count about 5 seconds and it takes a little longer than that to walk more than 50 meters.. Especially when you need to realign shots. I am not saying this to elicit another change to arrows, I just want to say that it seems that if you want to retrieve missed shots you need to be able to get to them fast.. :oops:
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  11. So now looting affects the head drops from the mobs other than zombie, creeper, skeleton, and wither skeleton?
  12. this is a bug, will fix it soon. its only suppose to despawn mob shot arrows in 5s.

    I guess its not flagging them different as player arrows
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  13. hot doggies I'm just gonna sit in the wild and /hide back and forth for an hour now
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  14. Looting effects EVERYTHING now. Better drop percents or even more items from the mob.
  15. Awesome! thanks again. I feel like playing in the wild more now. :)
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  16. I just noticed I'm getting heads more often. Thanks Aikar!
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  17. Slightly disappointing to me, I know myself and several other paying Supporters have donated to get /map hide specifically. It was originally why I first donated. Most players donate for the extra features, sure they want to help EMC as well; but they still want features. Giving regular players features that only Supporters had gives them less incentive to donate.
  18. Disappointed also, this was the main reason I'm a supporter. I went with gold for the couple extra perks it gives over iron, like utopia and the extra res (which isn't in use atm) but I think it's time to rethink that.
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  19. On EMC user experience and having peace of mind < the extra money. I didn't become a supporter for the hide feature, but I could assure you that it's much fairer for everyone now. :)
  20. I agree it is much fairer and the change is for the greater good, but for my style of play, it is almost pointless now to continue to be a gold supporter. My second res is not being used and I'm only using about 1/2 of my main res, I rarely visit utopia (slime farm on occasion) and my shop is my main source of income. Vault pages, stables, and residence tags are of no use to me.

    I do love emc as a whole, and will continue to support it, just might not be as a gold member, may be iron, may be just occasional rupee purchases.
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