[Mini-guide] What to do when you don't like that other player?

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  1. Hi gang,

    We've seen a lot of new players appear on the server ever since Aikar upgraded us from 1.8 to 1.9, and that means that there are even more options to make some new friends here or find other people to hang out with. That is the good side of the whole thing.

    But today I'm going to address the other side, the less enjoyable subject on what to do when you don't get along with that other player. It's bound to happen to you someday, you might as well be prepared for it...

    Different players, different annoyance levels

    Not only are there a lot of players on a regular Empire day (we're easily peeking at 200 again) but there are also a lot of different players. And no, I'm not just talking about boys and girls ;) There are older players around, like myself, who's game style might seem very boring to you. Instead of simply getting with the program and grabbing their stuff to run out and go mining they insist on taking some time to prepare and bring several items with them. Who needs a crafting table if there are trees in the wilderness, right?

    But just like that there are also players who might be a lot younger than you. Who's game style might seem way too stressful and chaotic. Don't these youngsters realize that if you bring a crafting table with you that you can easily make blocks out of all that coal you'll be getting? Heck, I'll bet they never heard of silk touch before! ;)

    And that's an important issue here; we're not all the same.

    SO first and foremost keep in mind that although another player might annoy you a (little?) bit it doesn't always have to be intentional. That's something very important to keep in mind before you start yelling at someone ;)

    #1 Always (try to) be polite

    As I said above; even though someone might annoy you it doesn't have to be intentional. So whatever you do please try to be polite to them. Count to three and ask yourself if the other person really is being annoying (or rude) or if it could be caused by the way you feel about them (maybe you're having a bad day?).

    #2 Keep your distance

    If you get annoyed with someone's behavior then don't respond to everything they say or do. All that will likely do is get you even more annoyed. Sure, if someone is breaking the rules, which annoys you, then there's nothing wrong with warning them about it in a friendly way. But if they ignore your warning and then continue doing whatever it is they were doing then don't bother correcting them each and every time.

    Not only will that leave you even more annoyed, chances are high that you're now also adding to the annoyance factor yourself. Instead of 1 annoying player some of the others could now be experiencing 2 annoyingly behaving players. Yes, I mean you ;)

    #4 When the going gets tough, the tough start ignoring

    Enough is enough! :mad: You told a player 3 times now that you won't be donating to their greater cause, but they don't give up. In fact, once you finally got your point across it seems they're now looking for other players: instead of PM'ing you they're now asking in town chat for people to help them out. It's not really begging for money but it most certainly annoys the beejevis out of you.

    When you reach such a moment then it's time to do yourself and the other player(s) a favor: /ignore him or her. If they also bother you while you're on your residence then you can even keep them out by denying them their move flag (by using this command: /res pset <name of player> move f).

    Hey, where did item #3 go?!

    Suggestion #3 is an optional one and which I saved for last for a very good reason... Because whatever you do, you should not use this option too casually. In fact: misuse of this option could have consequences... for you.

    #3 Consider /report'ing the player if they broke the rules

    This is a difficult one and something which I will be addressing in another guide soon enough. But for now the most important thing to keep in mind is this: if a player annoys you then it doesn't always mean that they're also breaking the rules.

    Just check the rules yourself; there's nothing which explicitly forbids you to annoy other players, no pun intended. Of course this also doesn't mean that you're now allowed to intentionally annoy (or bully) other players either, such behavior is never appreciated around here.

    But before you decide to /report someone please try to make sure that they're actually breaking the server rules. And when in doubt then it might be best to simply /ignore them for now and make up your mind about it at a later time. You can always /unignore them.

    What does /ignore actually do?

    As its name implies /ignore will make sure that you don't get into contact with another player. You won't see any of their messages in public chat (such as town chat or local chat), they won't be able to contact you in private (using /tell to sent you a PM) and they also can't sent you any money.

    So basically you're totally blocking them out of your Empire life.

    Keep in mind though that /ignore is a temporary command. After one month a player will be automatically unignored again. You can extend this period if you want by using /ignore several times on a player, maybe that will also help you relief some stress ;)

    Still... You might want to consider using the defaults. Maybe things cooled down after a month, the player might have been corrected by the rest of the community and the staff alike and who knows: they could have learned their lesson by then.

    Oh, and if things did work out for the best then you might want to give the other player access to your residence again. The best way to do so is to reset his move flag: /res pset <name of player> move r.

    Of course you can also use the easier to use chest interface: /res cpset <name of player>.

    And there you have it...

    Hopefully some useful tips which you can use when you come across "that kind" of other player.
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  2. a wee bump. as promised (somewhat) :)
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  3. Oh, that's a good one! I luckily can't see this being a problem for me, but I know some people who could/should make use of this guide ;)
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  4. mhh, I think my way works better, I do ussally trow my PC out of my window, it's way expencive, it works though, I might try your tactic aswell...

    okay, serious now, I'm actually more often annoying other people than getting annoyd... my puns, other bad jokes, and just my being overactive can be enough for some fast annoyd people...
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  5. IMO /ignore never has and never will permanently solve anything. The other player will just start messaging you and then when you don't respond/they get the ignore message they'll start publicly asking for people to say x or y to the person that ignored them and it becomes a giant dramatic shitshow very quickly.

    The best thing you can do would be to ignore the person but not to use /ignore as it just creates drama pretty fast and gives the 'offender' in the situation a sense of either satisfaction or otherwise amusement when they see they were able to upset you enough to use /ignore.
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  6. Yeah, that's what one should always tell new players: "Be sure to remember the important commands: /home, /wastelands, /frontier and /ignore Jelle68!" :rolleyes:
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  7. Long posts annoy me.
    /ignore shelluser

    I am joking, of course.

    EDIT: This is obviously intended as humor, but lest anyone think my joke in poor taste, let me say it's good information and I hope more people (ideally the ones that need to) read it. :)
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  8. Nice guide! I'm coming up on one year with EMC soon and in that time I've resorted to /ignore a grand total of ONCE. I try to be as helpful & polite to everyone as I can. But quite often, if I'm in the wild working on a big project (still have town chat on) I probably won't notice your chatter unless you pm me or hit one of my key words that chime (example: mob). Unless I hear the chime, I'm often guilty of just letting town chatter fly by without even reading it. It's not that I don't want to be a part of the chat or the community, it's just that I'm busy working. I've taken on some pretty massive projects & if I'm chatting (or even reading along) I'm FAR from productive.
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  9. www.gfycat.com/NippyKindLangur
  10. WardleDeBoss hates me for literally no reason. He ignored me so i had his friend ask him why and he simply replied with "because" Any1 got something i could do to make him not hate me? I like being friends with everyone.
  11. Nah, I'd say let it be. If he approaches you, be friendly, but if he keeps you ignored, just let it be, I think. It's not a huge deal to have one person that for some reason doesn't want to interact with you, that's their problem.
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  12. but, but, but.... I was about to start a guide to teach players to write shorter posts. Now, I do agree that there's possibly only a handful of players on the Empire who might actually benefit from that but even so...

    I'm so upset right now :eek:

    Does this mean I also won't have to pay you back those 2500r from 5 months ago? :) i feel so evil right now!


    <insert innocent whistle here>
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