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  1. The countdown for tickets has started. Do YOU plan to go?

    Some of the EMC Staff team plans to go! Come meet us at Minecon!

    Who of us is confirmed on going? Well, here is a list:


    Are YOU ready to come meet us at Minecon? Check out the link here: https://minecon.mojang.com/

    *Edit: The green means that those of us who managed to actually acquire tickets so far. :p
  2. We're having a Emc Con soon on a server, should I put the link here?
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  3. I need to learn mind control.... so I can have my mother drive the 4 hours to Orlando so I can go to minecon....
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  4. i am ready, but with out money, or a credit card (again im just 15) wont be much
  5. Wish I lived closer to Florida :(. Can you please take pictures and post them here?
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  6. Haha, I am definitely going, can the staff hold up a sign that says EMC so we cant take an EMC Minecon 2013 picture? That would be pretty awesome, low chance of it happening.
  7. Apparently there was some kind of EMCon I missed last year. What was it?
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  8. Anyone know how much tickets will be?
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  9. Depends on the price, I live in Denmark so the trip is pretty much gonna be expensive :3

    Ps. 6Hours and 47mins for the first batch!
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  11. I'm guessing 1st batch tickets will be sold out within a half hour or less
    I can't go anyway, hope everyone how can has fun! :D
    Even though I would love to meet Smooch and possibly gain some sassy words of inspiration
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  12. Oh boy..... I was really meant to have lived in America..... Wish I could be there so much! Maybe if theres 1 in aussie land? But thats not gonna happen anytime soon
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  13. Excitement Management Controll : Containment Breach
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  14. Ermagerd Misseh, You shall regret hearing words of sassines. You can't survive those levels of sass emnating for Smooch.
  15. Wish I could go, you guys should plan an EMC meetup and take an picture with everyone.
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  16. I wish I could do but it is on a week before I am due to go over to Orlando for my holidays but fingers crossed they come to England soon.
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  17. Well, this is the first year.
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  18. What exactly is EMCon?
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  19. i think max is way way way to excited about this. . . . . lol ;)
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  20. I want to go just to see the admins :p
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