Merry Christmas from EMC!

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  1. It is Christmas Day and I come bearing gifts this fine day!

    The reindeer were all busy last night delivering gifts for Santa, so I recruited Olive the Other Reindeer to help me prepare a gift for you all!

    Available now, you can claim with /promo holiday23 a special promotional gift box for this holiday season.
    Contained within is Olive.

    Olive is no ordinary dog. He has boosted health (though not unlimited...) but also he will keep his special lore if you re-eggify him after spawning him in. So no need to have an "unused" version of this promo.

    Also included is a new Ugly Sweater in our series of ugly sweaters. This is the 4th one! Hope you can stay warm in this icy cold themed sweater.

    Bundled this year is a re-release of the Grandma's Oven Promo. And there is a new cookie. One of my favorites, Peanut Butter Cookies!

    Finally, we have included a Holiday Candle. Each year we use the candle to encourage you to think deeply on the season and how to share the holiday light with those you care about. This year is no different. I would like to remind you that your light shines on others in ways we can't imagine - hopefully making a positive impact and helping other people make it through their day. To another year!

    These promo items will stay up and available for several weeks. Olive and the Ugly Sweater will be available in the shopworld for 20230 rupees each.
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  2. Remember to check out the Santa's workshop at /event.

    Also, I personally did not have a lot of time before Christmas this year to prepare the holiday season for EMC. I have a couple of weeks off of work, and I hope to share some exciting things for EMC during this time to push us towards the new year.

    I definitely plan on hosting something New Years Eve night, I am not sure what at this time though. To be determined!
  3. Thank you Chickeneer and all of your Christmas helpers for all you do for us. The event is awesome and inspiring and the promo treats are great.
  4. It's a puppers :)
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  5. Great additions, thanks for adding them. Merry Christmas all! :)

    This speaks to me on so many levels :D
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  6. I hope that staff and co all have a wonderful Christmas time! Thanks for sacrificing your time for us and working hard for our entertainment.
    You guys rock!

    Looking forward to the event, so many goodies to hunt down!

    I’d also like to give some appreciative recognition to Sharpie42 for running the Secret Santa event.

    Thanks all and have a great day!
  7. Thank you for these gifts. I love seeing what promos are being gifted at the holidays. I also loved the Holiday Event. Great work this season EMC to make a festive holiday. Merry Christmas!
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  8. Thanks, Chicken and all the EMC staff. I really appreciate all you do to make this server special.

    Merry Christmas!!!
  9. It all looks great. :) Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  10. mmm we need an M&M cookie next year
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  11. chickeneer, have diamonds been removed from holiday chests?
  12. There are not any diamonds in the holiday chests. I removed diamond drops from most things a while back. I found it to be harmful towards the diamond economy at the time.
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  13. I see. Thanks for the quick answer :)
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  14. Sure sure, right, but what about them Shortbread Cookies eh??!?!

    And PS. Happy New Year to all of youse...
  15. Very cool, thanks! :D It's great to see more and more promos that can be used without them potentially losing value. :)
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