Merry Christmas Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Merry Christmas, EMC!

    2012 was a fun year for us. We went through quite a lot of ups and downs. Had a lot of interesting staff improvements and community adjustments. Some people lasted through the hurdles while others simply left or did wrong to the community. To those that stayed, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When Justin and I first started EMC, we had NO idea what we were doing. While we had experience in running smaller communities, we never ran our own game servers before. It was literally a leap of faith for us. We thank you all for putting your faith in us while we learned how to better not only ourselves but more importantly the community.

    We surpassed 50,000 members this year and feel that is QUITE a milestone for any community. We could NOT have done it without every one of you. One of our staff additions as you know was Aikar whom is doing a LOT of work helping program new things. Dragon Tombs, shop updates, and many more great things are coming into 2013 thanks to him.

    To give thanks, we're giving you all a "Christmas Bonus" of 15,000 rupees to celebrate Christmas, 2012's success, 50,000 members, and to drive us into the new year to make EMC the best it's ever been!

    This link will be good until the end of the year! Enjoy.
  2. 50,000 members wow good job

    edit: first:cool:
  3. Awesome!! Thanks for the 15k!
  4. Cool thanks :D and also nice picture of my res :)
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  5. I was on like 15 min ago just flying around looking for a Christmas Theme. You won. :p
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  6. Thank you ICC! you just brought me above 200k! :D
  7. Thank you ICC!!!
  8. Woo hoo EMC Christmas!
  9. Thanks ICC and all the other staff, great jobs!
  10. Thank you EMC! Merry Christmas to y'all, I love y'all :D
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  11. 15k... wow! :)
    People with alts are going to make a killing of this :p
    (A certain guy whose name rhymes with black will make 60k, unless it does it once per IP?)
  12. Wow, 50,000! Glad I joined! Thanks for the 15K!
  14. Thank you!
    Happy Holidays! :)
  15. I hope you're joking.
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  16. To get the 15k just click the link in the Op, and its 1 per account.
  17. Maybe if you look on the post, you will find it, and please don't use a huge font AND caps at the same time...
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  18. What about Shaun's north pole?
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  19. Thanks EMC Staff! :D

    I also misread this at first and thought you said you were giving away 50,000r. :rolleyes:
  20. Awesome, Thanks!
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