Mending Enchantment Concerns?

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  1. So, after reading this thread on the new Elytra item, (for some reason when reading the name of that item I am reminded of Elektra from DD, anyways...) I began wondering about other 1.9 changes that will be in the update for EMC 100%. Namely, the mending enchantment. I wasn't keeping up with the news of 1.9 after my laptop broke so when Hermitcraft Season 4 began and I saw Mending, the wheels in head began to spin.

    I realized that the mending enchantment will probably ruin the enchantment economy on EMC. If you watch Xisumavoid's Hermitcraft LP you might have seen how you can use haste 2 super mining at diamond level and never have to repair your pick. I feel like in the beginning people will get mending easy (use villagers in town... 1.9 villagers always have an enchanted book as second trade... and a chance of 2 more ench book trades down that line... very high chance of easy mending), and everyone will pay loads of money for this hot commodity, and then nobody will have the need for new enchantments. I cant remember a time (It has been six months....) where I have lost gear due to anything but stupidly using it without looking at the durability bar.

    Mending will be placed on everyone's items and the book will become cheap, all books will become cheap. This whole thread might be for nothing because I dont even know how the enchant market is right now.... but be assured that mending will take away the need for bulk enchants or repair services and whatever the enchant market has left. You own mending and you pretty much never lose your tool. Now, MA will still allow you to lose your stuff but even then the demand will be lower.

    You might think I have something against Mending, I dont. I think the enchantment is ingenious though overpowered. I'm sure Aikar is up to something evil and has already done something like make it so it repairs less or something, but I felt it needed to be addressed somewhat... or maybe it already has... idk.
  2. (I know you haven't been here, welcome (soon) back though! :D)
    The enchantment market? Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. That is the most broken thing ever, breaking it a little more won't be such a problem :p
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  3. I am not sure if we have finalized a decision on the matter. But I would encourage a friendly/civil discussion on the subject. I would envision some type of alteration that follows the same line as our changes to anvil repairs.
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  4. Yeah, the enchantment market is really bad now. The mending enchantment won't make much of a difference.
  5. Well another thought came to me, I feel it will hurt other markets too. Hear me out- My line of thinking is that if I dont have to repair my tools, I am gonna be mining and gathering more materials than normal. I feel like items grabbed in mines will be the main items affected. Supply goes up, demand remains neutral, prices are forced to drop to peak demand?
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    Anyway, the enchantment market should stay the same, imo. Realistically, mending is good. Want to know why?
    • Now: People use exp farms (which I believe is frowned upon by Aikar)
    • Soon: Exp farms become next to obsolete.
      • Why farm when you can just use the tool for its original purpose and still have the same desired effect. To repair an axe, just hold it in your non-dominant hand and fight with your other weapon and bam -- your axe is repaired.
    Also, who buys books anymore? I literally gave a few away a bit ago.
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  7. I dont think so, for Picks it is simple to get it repaired easily by mining but you dont get exp from chopping wood or digging sand. Armor goes down fast... I do no think EXP farms will be obsolete, your bow sword and pick are easy repairs but if your are consistently using all items at once EXP farms are still needed IMO.
    • If the items have Mending, you can repair them whilst you do exp things in your off hand
  8. Even if Aikar do nerf Mending by making it less effective it would still be very useful. Another (less vanilla) way to nerf it would be making it incompatible with Unbreaking. This way people would have to stop and grind xp more often, and that would counterbalance the advantage of not having to craft new items.
    Just a thought, don't hate me people :p
  9. That...
    could actually work. Doesn't directly nerf mending and it allows the two enchantments to do basically the same thing, which is to last longer.

    Not for nerfs, but if there were a nerf, I like this one.
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  10. So I am concerned about this myself I have to admit...after having just made 54 sets of god gear not too long ago. I'm gonna try to give a non biased opinion though. The enchantment market will be pretty much gone i believe...but i think demand for xp pots will get very high. I would be more likely to adventure on diff 8 in the future considering that extra durability is one of the main reasons i don't. I think enraged guardians should not drop xp therefore making the mini-bosses a durability sink still. there will always be a demand for something and if its not enchants it will have to be something else. of-course i'm not worried about books
  11. This idea of not allowing both unbreaking and mending on the same item does sound appealing to me.
  12. Why not?
  13. I don't see a n't :p
  14. I personally don't see any reason why this would need/have to be nerfed; keep everything as intended.
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  15. I'm good with that.
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  16. This is my personal opinion. With the current state of the enchant market, I feel no major issues coming from the Mending Enchant. There is no need to ruin the enchant.
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  17. I see no reason for it to be removed, I'm sorry but all these threads about "1.9 is too OP" and "we CAN'T use this item" and "Oh no WAY that's gonna be allowed"
    This is EMC's Community right now

    But you know, it's not OP. Like really people. It still consumes Experience, it's not just free repairs. It uses XP to repair, and in the long run can actually cost more. Just because something exists in 1.9 does NOT mean it's OP.
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  18. Taking it out of the game is not going to make me spend more or less on enchanted books. It's part of the game and will be used as intended. Enchanted books are already super cheap so nothing will 'break' there. You still need to grind XP and you still need to fight mobs. This is not going to change all that much.
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