Marlix Bugged?

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  1. Ever Since the Rates have been boosted, Ive fought 6 Marlix, all Being fought at Doff 5+. 3 of the Marlix have dropped Normal Drops. But the others have rewarded nothing but Tokens, the latest one, at dif 6, having NO rewards whatsoever :confused:

    This has only happened since the "Effective Diffuculty" has been shown. Could this have some sort of effect on Marlixes, as all Momentus Ive fought after this update have been Normal
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  2. hmm not to sure what up maybe Pm Aikar, Breezyman, Chickeneer, and mrsocks75 about this issue but I'm sure they are aware currently?
  3. The same applies to Momentus, but I'm not sure if this is actually a bug. Afaik any drops you get are random, and the only thing you can be sure of is that you get tokens.

    My friend fought Momentus earlier today on her own, and she also only got tokens from it. Not sure what her difficulty setting was though.
  4. Even if this is now how it is supposed to work, the Marlix and Momentus' wikis should be updated to show that there now are not definite drops.
  5. Aikar stated in a post some were that they are buged it is do to something in there coding
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  6. Maybe the last Marlix took too much non-player damage (cacti, etc.)
    It happened to me multiple times.

    Please go back to your client logs and search the time you defeated Marlix. If it says this line:
    [CHAT] Marlix took too much non player damage for loot: 20.0 - 4.333333333333333 > 20.0 / 2 = true
    then that means Marlix took too much non-player damage, and as a result will not drop neither items nor tokens.

    The 3 Marlix that only dropped tokens were probably just bugging out, because they should always drop skeleton heads and shiny arrows (or the wiki is wrong)
  7. I've actually had 3 Marlix have that error in the last few days. 2 were in a birch forest, where I couldn't figure out how they were getting any non-player damage at all. :p Glitch into a tree and suffocate a little, but escape? That seems unlikely, but it's the only one I can think of. Unless they take damage from skimming water?
  8. And it just happened again! A bow-on-bow fight, and it says I only did 5 damage. Argh!

    EDIT: And again! I've done it with different bows and the same result. This time I did 6.66666666 damage somehow.
  9. I agree. I thought the message was genuine, but it just happens too often for it to be coincidence. I'll make a bug report of it.
  10. If anyone figures it out please let me know, cause I'm surely still stumped.

    It's def an issue with marlix taking unexpected damage.
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  11. You're unable to see the raw combat code? I guess I don't know what the developer side of Minecraft has the capability to do. I mean, if you could see that I did 13 damage and it says I did 6.666666, that's usable data, right?
  12. Same but I was level 7.
  13. This is just a guess, but it's something I've been told by another (reliable) player and something I witnessed for myself: Marlix will shoot himself. I suppose this could be the cause? Maybe he's shooting the bat and the damage is forwarded or something?
  14. That's a good theory. I recently encountered four Marlix and I had that same problem of non-player damage. They probably shot each other.

    Maybe Aikar could simulate that situation to see if our theory is correct?
  15. I'll second that theory, penguin. My last marlix died after about 4 hits from me. Then I got the message that I hadn't done enough damage to it and would get no reward.
  16. As an update, every single Marlix I've killed this week has had the same error, but different values for how much damage I've done. Considering I hit one with like 5 arrows, I doubt I only did 4 damage. :p
  17. Right, I totally forgot about this thread when I made my suggestion about this but yeah; my theory is that sometimes the enraged skeletons also (counter) attack Marlix when they've been hit by its arrows, which can also account for non-player damage.

    I actually deliberately tried to invoke this when I fought Marlix earlier, and for sure: I didn't got any loot drops either.
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  18. It is probably to do some thing with it's guardian's
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  19. Hm... I'll hope this'll get figured out. It seems quite an issue, although I don't really fight mini-bosses often.
  20. The guardians attacking it could very well be it... I'm going to push out an update tonight to make Marlix immune to its guardians and vice versa.
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