Prevent Marlix' minions from attacking it

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  1. Hi gang!

    While busy collecting material for an upcoming review I came across a Marlix in the wastelands. Being a non-supporter at the time I couldn't easily call out for help and started fighting it on my own. Using my full voters getup (I bet the sight of my voters hoe scared it a lot) which means that I can' t (nor take) too much damage. This happened in the plains by the way, so fully open field.

    Here's my problem: skeletons, even the enraged ones, are one of the few hostile mobs which will attack other hostile mobs when provoked. The spider also falls under this category. So when Marlix summoned assistance I made sure to put a little distance between it and the enraged skeletons while also trying to keep distance between the enraged skeletons themselves.

    My tactic worked: once Marlix hit one of its lakeys it started to return fire. Which allowed me to deal with the other enraged skeleton, then I could attack Marlix again and the end result was... nothing.

    Marlix took too much non player damage for loot: 20.0 - 5.333333333 > 20.0 / 2 = true

    Now, I can fully understand why this rule has been placed in affect, but in this case it seems to work heavily counter productive. Because the only reason Marlix found itself under attack was because it hit its minions in the first place.

    As such my suggestion: Make it so that Marlix' minions don't attack it, or don't add their inflicted damage to the non-player damage pool. Thing is; this seems unfair to me in this case because getting other skeletons to attack is fully part of the vanilla gameplay.
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  2. This happened to me a lot, I died 3 times and the marlix kept hitting me. However, when I killed it, it said I didn't take enough damage? I died so many times.
  3. This is more of a bug than a suggestion - a bug that Aikar couldn't figure out the cause of. I'd make sure he sees this. :p
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  4. Typically when a message includes the math, it is an attempt to find a bug. This is excellent work explaining the situation and outcome along with capturing the message! You may have a future in software quality control;)
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  5. I already work in that field from time to time, so nothing really futuristic going on here 8)
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  6. I think the environmental damage and mob damage that marlix takes including her own needs to be ignored, momentus I can understand but marlix is such a pain in the butt to kill by herself then you dont even get tokens because she shot herself twice
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  7. What? I don't think you need to take damage :p
  8. True that. I just noticed that Aikar is aware of the problem so in my opinion this suggestion now serves no purpose anymore, as such I'm going to request this to be closed to prevent any possible confusion.
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