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  1. I know this says "Forum where current hot topic questions/concerns are addressed & officially answered by EMC Staff." but everyone always reads these and answers anyway. If this is the wrong forum then could it please be moved?

    I have seen members on the forums being put down because of the way they spell things, their sentences having words out of order etc.

    I have seen threads posted where people are trying to ask something and the only replies are three posts of people correcting all their mistakes that they have posted.

    I can understand people being annoyed by "2day im going 2 a party and ur invited" because it isn't that hard to add the rest of the letters. What I hate seeing is people putting others down for their Grammar when they are young kids and when they aren't a native English speaker.

    I hate opening a thread to see someone post only to be given a hard time and ridiculed on the way they post things. If you see someone who posts something where the words are slightly out of order, or adds an extra s to the end or something then don't flip out on them, just ignore it. We all want people to stay and be part of the Empire but if we come across as jerks and tell people "YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS GTFO" then they aren't going to stay. It just comes across as "Oh they're just another server full of butts who treat people badly!"

    Some languages, like Spanish, seem backwards to most English speakers. Where we would say "Short Pants" they have "Pantalones Cortos" Which to us would look like "Pants Short". I don't know much about other languages but there may be others that do this and they have to try to remember to post in the correct order when being used to posting how they have been taught.

    Most kids are still learning and not everyone learns at the same speed/time as others. We do have people here under the age of 13 because they have parental permission.

    If it's obvious this person is trolling or joking then I see no issue.

  2. I honestly couldn't agree more.
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    If you can't read it tell them nicely don't be a creeper.
    If legible but misspelled who gives a wool block.

    oh and no one cares about commas so stop TNTing ppl that dont put them >.>

    Also Vote sheep ~ the friendly kind.
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  4. Yes...
    I mean people complain about lack of new members...
    ... If you rip someone apart you will scare them off.
    Also another thing to be mindful of is that when everyone starts off on the forums they might not have used one before.
    That was the case with me. I sometimes forget how he'd it was for me to understand and a newb.
    I offen used to read through the forums trying to understand what it all ment.
    Ofcourse now I do :)
  5. This is something that really annoys me, I don't like it when it's not only one or two messages that have been sent at the same time, but pages and pages of the same exact message, some more respecful and helpful, some plain rude, until someone locks the thread.

    I don't think people stop to read other's replies when they see a new message with a question, especially if they can have a go at the OP's grammar, respectfully or not. And if they do but they still send the message... well, that's not the kind of image a nice community should give.
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  6. I don't think this is HUGE issue here, but an something worth mention. I've posted about grammar before (I think) but not in a way to ridicule someone but only as a correction, but I'm sure it could have been easily mistaken as an insult. I think this was a good point to make Panda, and I completely agree. (By the way, Pandas are my favorite animal - off topic, but I'd thought I'd say it)

    I also think it's funny when grammar freaks mess up with their grammar when correcting someone else. I have before, and it's pretty embarrassing haha.
  7. Hey hey :p no need to say things like "grammar freaks" either, it's just as bad. I'm sure you didn't mean it like that but what we are talking about is respect, kindness and being nice towards each other, and being a bit obsessed with grammar is something that can be forgiven too. We all have our special thingies that make us annoying to others xD I know a lot about being annoying myself xDD
  8. Haha I understand. I'm just at a loss for a better (more appropriate) word for someone who feels the need to constantly point out peoples flaws when they type. My apologies :p
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  9. I understand posting not to ridicule but I've seen posts where people have said "Your grammar hurts my eyes", "cool story bro". But if you nicely do it then that's different.
  10. Lol Even though I posted last I got this as an alert. But yes I agree. It seems that way. The same goes for those who post ban appeals really. Instead of 30 posts insulting them just calmly explain to them what they need to do.
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    Your Doing Itz Rong
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  12. Welsh also uses words backwards although i am not a native welsh speaker.
    Although i am not mean towards people that "spell lyk dis" it is quite annoying when you are trying to ready a serious thread and people are like "i wil hep u"
  13. You know, after reading all the replies to this thread and already believing the same way, I come to think it might be neccessary to allow moderators to delete posts that are repetitive or derogative from the thread. that way when someone reads that particular thread for the first time they can clearly see what's already been stated and are able to find an answer they're looking for without having to sift through pages of dirt.

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  14. If a thread gets too far off topic - or rude and inappropriate - posts will be deleted. :)
  15. I agree on the whole.

    i have a test...

    i is speaking german english not good.

    if anyone corrects that, i will eat my laptop -U-
  16. I Hope that laptop is tasty :3
  17. Thought I Capitalize Every Word Lol And Still Get Words Wrong. What If's. I Don't Care What People Say I Spell And Capitalize If I Want To. Longs As You Get What I Am Saying And Can Read It. It Does Not Matter.
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  18. wait u corrected.
  19. i wanted to make a meme to say this, but