Major Website Outage

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. All,
    Today our website went down and when I went to notify our web host I was greeted with a ticket already opened for me.

    Apparently the server it was hosted on had an unexpected fatal hardware failure that brought the system down.

    It took them roughly 4 hours to move the hard drives to a new server and get it up and running, but after it came online, our database had corruption....

    So for the past 10 hours I have been working non stop to repair and recover the database.

    We had a backup, but that would of resulted in loss of data, especially records of supporter payments for today and would of made anyone who renewed today lose their supporter, so I wanted to only use a backup restore as a last resort.

    It appears all the hard work has paid off and were back up now.

    Please let me know if you have any problems.. I am going to sleep now ; ;
  2. Glad were back
    Edit: you deserve a lot more than some sleep for this ;)
  3. guess who's back? emc! YaY
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  4. Yay!!! It lives!
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  5. Awesome job *claps*
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  6. That water mark made me think something was wrong with the partners box ~.~
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  7. If you were hosting an auction effected by this website downtime (Since site was down for more than 12 hours). I recommend sending a message to a staff member to determine best course of action ;)
  8. Good job Aikar!
  9. Good job Aikar! Working that long shows your really dedicated! :D
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  10. Thanks for working so hard on getting it back up and running. I was honestly at a loss for what to do without being able to check the forums for a while there.
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  11. Well, I managed to vote while this was going on ;)
  12. As the game servers were unaffected, yes :cool:
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  13. Just logged on and I wondered why I had no PM's after being at work for the last 12 hours.
    Just to reassure supporters that even if we did need to go to the backup those affected would only be temporarily inconvenienced.
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  15. That's why EMC is the best server. Skilled admin who work hard to keep the server tip-top. Any other admin would simply go the easy route and players suffer.

    Thanks again Aikar. Fantastic.
  16. Wow that's awesome
    My record...
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  17. glad to be back online. Thanks to Aikar for all the hard work. Nothing is easy when corruption occurs.
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  18. Uhhmmmm yessss I lust one milon rupels, can I haz the. M now
  19. Can't play very well via phone but i got 1!!