Life Changes Contest Results Are IN!

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  1. We have some amazing writers in our midst. Congrats to all of our participants for your work. The judges certainly had their work cut out for them this time around. With 18 Poetry entries and 6 Prose entries, there was some pretty tight competition to sort out, but we managed.

    The winners are posted first, with all submissions to follow. I encourage you all to read these, and read them out loud. It really makes a difference.Those who wished to not have their name associated with their entry will have (Anonymous) listed as the creator.

    Congrats to our winners: AltPunisher and (Anonymous).

    1st Place Poetry: AltPunisher
    Free Verse
    1st Place Prose: Anonymous
  2. Poetry Submissions, in no particular order.

    Gamemaker888: Haiku
    (Anonymous): A-B rhyme
    Smooshed_Potato: Limerick
    MoreMoople: Free Verse

    fabledbaker: couplet
    Stnywitness: Couplet
    MagicalGrllRiRi: Free Verse
    ZanDarkin: Free Verse
  3. More Poetry Submissions

    Foxy_Kitty: Free Verse
    Sinnersaved: Free Verse
    Alaenia: Free Verse
    M4ster_M1ner : Etc (didn't define)
    (Anonymous): Blank Verse (Iambic Pentameter Without Rhyming)
    Hashhog: Haiku
    Slimewarrior0202: Haiku
    (Anonymous): Free Verse
    CloverOcean: Free Verse

  4. Prose Submissions

    Jelle68: Fiction (dystopian)
    (Left with formatting notes in place, as found in submission.)
  5. More Prose Submissions

    Alaenia: Memoir/Essay

  6. More Prose Submissions

    Impulsive_Egg: Science Fiction
    xSkitzie: Non-Fiction
  7. (Anonymous): Non-Fiction

  8. These truly are impressive. English has, and still is, been my weakest subject of study in my entire life.

    Though, when I see those who are amazing at it, it reassures me that literature will never die, no matter what people say! :)
  9. Cool! :) I will read these later. I'm not sure if I'll read them out loud, but it's an interesting suggestion. :)
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  10. Awesome!
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  11. congratzs to the winners
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  12. Proud of you AltPunisher ;)
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  13. Congratulations Alt and .... the other person! I wish I was good at writing, but alas I am not, but here is my pity poem:

    Hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?
    You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya
    He gon find another girl and he won't miss ya

    Again, congrats guys, everyone who took a stand to even submit a poem truly harnesses great talent!
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  14. Congrats to both of you! :D
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  15. Some Lovely, Heartfelt pieces here! Welldone to everyone, you should all be proud of the work you entered. Congrats to the two winners! :p
  16. Who-hooo! Congrats winners! Tons of great authors out there, well done!
  17. Awesome y'all :)
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  18. Well I didn't win- I wonder if y'all can figure out which it was xD
    hey, did anyone cry reading it, cause I'll be quite confused.
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  19. There's a good many nice pieces here. I'm entirely unsure of the criterium used that caused mine to be one of the two winners, but a lot of these give me the sense that I had a good run for my money. I'm nevertheless happy and grateful to be listed up there, especially for a contest whose choice of thematic really excited me. If anyone is curious as to what some of the metaphors mean or anything, I'd be happy to do a breakdown on my poem on my things I wrote thread.

    But yeah I'm really happy to see myself there. I'd like to thank a girl, myself, my family, my friends, a song, and climate change for giving me something to write about. And also the staff behind the contest who corrected my cluelessness of what a free verse is. And my own pretentiousness.
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