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I have got/am going to buy Super Mario Maker.

I have got Super Mario maker, and I like it. 3 vote(s) 21.4%
I have got Super Mario maker, but I don't like it. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I am getting Super Mario Maker soon. 5 vote(s) 35.7%
I want to get Super Mario Maker, but I don't have any plans for it yet. 3 vote(s) 21.4%
I will not get Super Mario Maker. 3 vote(s) 21.4%

  1. Hello everyone!

    I saw there was no thread for this game yet, so I thought: 'Why not make one?'

    I've had Super Mario Maker for about one week now, played about 5 hours or so (I've had to deal with school and my brother wanted to play too, so I couldn't play too much :p ).

    I've seen a quite a few video's of the game, and I've been following it since E3 2014, that's when it was announced, and I quite liked the concept of it, but at the time I wasn't sure if you were able to edit much. Over time I saw it getting better (at the point when the game came back on E3 2015), and I really wanted it.

    So I bought it, and I played around a bit with the game, and I really like it. I was disappointed though that you had to UNLOCK most of the items, but in theory you could unlock everything in 1-2 hours.

    The feature I really like the most is the sound effect feature. You can make crazy things with those :).

    For the ones who are not born builders, there are plenty of game modes to play levels and challenges as well. There are many types of custom levels, varying from "Don't touch anything" levels to insanely hard challenges, from easy levels to levels that make no sense at all :D )

    So, I definitely recommend picking it up, I think the price is fair enough (at least in Europe), and the game is worth every cent (as we'd expect from Nintendo)

    Let me know your thoughts on the game, whether you have it or not. Please let me know.
  2. Oh, here are some levels I made (will update if I make any more)
    1. B421-0000-0058-6522
    2. 78E8-0000-006F-5261
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  3. 12/10 the only Mario game that has interested me since Super Mario Galaxy.

    (I still want the new TLOZ game when it comes out next year more, though :p)
  4. Agreed. SMG is one of my favorites, even today, 8 years later. But I liked MK8 and Smash4 as well.

    What is your favorite Super Mario Galaxy? Imo, the first one has a better story and better music, but the second is great as well (Still need to beat that Grandmaster Galaxy's Perfect Run :p )

    Tbh, I've never played a TLOZ game before, but I so want to do that :D
  5. I won't be getting this myself because I don't have a Nintendo game console (only a PS3, and I'm not even planning on getting a PS4 anytime soon) but I can say this: if you're a little bit creative then this can (and most likely will) be totally awesome.

    I'll even go one step further: I believe that the future for modern games, and the gaming industry as a whole, are the (in-game) editors.

    They often need their games to remain appealing (when doing online games) and also: when players upload good contents then it could be useful in future versions of the game. Win-win. So a solution is often to add an editor, especially when we're talking about FPS (First Person Shooters). And if you like it then be warned: you could be playing for a long time.

    This isn't comparable but: I got myself inFamous 2 (PS3 exclusive game) some years ago, it's a 3D platform/shooter game. And it had one of the best game editors I've seen: all you had to focus on was gameplay, the scenery got determined by the location in the city where you played out your level. And it used the same concept: the further you got in the game the more characters you unlocked. The game was released in 2011 and I still sporadically play it today, mostly to enjoy new player contents (some players are still creating levels for this game).

    But back to Super Mario Bros...

    I never played it but I did enjoy "The Great Giana Sisters" on the C64 a long time ago. Only later did I learn that it was a blatant rip-off from Super Mario bros. Even so: it was quite popular and some guys even developed editors for it to create new levels. It has been years since I messed with that but even so it was pretty cool. Nothing beats designing a level and watching your friends play & enjoy it.

    Of course it became even more fun when you made "troll levels": stuff which was plain out impossible to finish <mwua ha ha> :p

    So yeah: this definitely sounds like a cool game to me!
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  6. I'm going to have to go with the original SMG. I never played the second one :p
    I believe that the future for the gaming industry is doing away with microtransactions, 'pay-for-the-ending' DLC, day one DLC, pre-order DLC, and not releasing unfinished stuff like Assassin's Creed: Unity, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (looks like it has the same problems as Unity...), and yearly releases :p

    Nintendo (and indie game developers, who are saving and also destroying this industry >.>) also does pretty much none of those things :3 (although with the reveal of Pokemon GO, the 'no-microtransactions' thing won't hold up for long).
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  7. Well, play it if you have the opportunity. It's still in the shops (at least in Europe) and there are many great things about it. *cough* Yoshi *cough*

    BTW, I was bored, so I made a random mashup :p :

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLDkMIJTuI0
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  8. Meh, it's not in any game shops up in the UK. Then again, all of our game shops and things dealing exclusively in disc-based content (movies, games, etc.) have been decimated over the past five years by things like Steam and Netflix and they're all gone now (in the North, anyway) :p
  9. If you have a Wii U, it's also available in the eShop. :D

    Weird that the UK doesn't have it in any game shops anymore, because we do here in the Netherlands! :)
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  10. Ah, I was wanting to create this thread, but apparently you already did it, nice.
    I've made three, in my opinion great levels so far, but hardly anybody seems to find them :c
    They're very difficult (and there's an extra challenge too, that even I myself have not yet beaten), but also quite fun, which I don't see often. I'll post about them later, perhaps some of you will enjoy them :) (be prepared, though, they are difficult ;) (but fair)).
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  11. I would love to try your levels, share the ID's if you want (and give my levels a try too!) :D
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  12. I played both blind (so without looking at the course before-hand) and beat them both.
    I didn't really like either of them (definitely better than many levels you'll come across in this game, but not good enough to get a star from me). Here's my feedback (I'm critical, but don't see this as an offence! I appreciate the effort of creating these levels!):
    "Here's your chance" was quite easy once you got it, I think. It was also not a very interesting concept, mostly a bit of trial and error. It was very short, and didn't have all too many interesting things to it, in my opinion. At first I thought I needed to bring a shell with me but once I had seen the whole level I beat it at once.
    "Whoa, careful!" had a decent concept. It seemed very chaotic, though. The yellow blocks looked like they had just been spammed instead of there being thought about the placement, which made it seem a bit messy. If you played the stage blindly, you couldn't have known the thwomp was there, so I didn't like that. You shouldn't need to look at the map overview before playing to be successful, I think. The last bit with the Lakitus, the Bowser and the Sumo Brother seemed a bit random and luck-based. I'm still not sure what the ideal route is, so I'm not sure if I tried the level as it was supposed. But when I finally beat the level after 50-70 attempts, I felt like I had good luck that time, instead of playing better.
    If you didn't know yet, I recommend only adding useful things. You shouldn't add enemies to the stage just for the sake of it looking harder. If you add too many unnecessary enemies a stage might get chaotic and because it's so unclear what to do it gets much more luck-based as opposed to skill-based, and the latter is obviously better for a platformer.
    One smaller thing, but definitely recommended to get more people to play your levels: make better thumbnails. In case you didn't know, the level gets the picture of what was in the screen at the moment you saved. So for "Whoa, careful!" would've recommended a picture containing the second P-switch and some enemies. It gives a better idea of what the stage is about to your potential players.

  13. Thanks for playing my levels.

    I didn't put too much effort into these levels, I admit, but I was just playing around with the editor and thought the level I made was 'decent' enough to upload.

    The first level indeed wasn't too interesting, because it's the first level I've ever made with Super Mario Maker :)
    The idea is, as you said, a level of trial and error. You'll have to jump perfectly - twice - to make it to the top of the flagpole. Otherwise, you'll fall to your death.

    The second level had these weird placed blocks. They were indeed randomly placed, and this makes the level both easier and harder. Easier because you can remember where the whomp is placed, harder because that randomness could reduce your speed (because you'll run into those blocks).
    Then that last part was indeed intended to be luck based. Just go for it, don't think about it for a second.

    The bottom line: that level was more of a joke rather than an 'orthodox' Mario level :p

    I'm more a fan of luck based levels rather than skill based levels, so I can see where your opinion is coming from.

    Thanks for playing my levels though and thanks for giving feedback. I'll certainly make more skill based levels in the future (or at least I'll try) :D
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  14. Haha, I'm glad to hear that was intended, as I was afraid that I missed a secret strategy or something :p
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  15. Some standards for all my levels:
    • They're somewhat realistic. That doesn't mean I can't add Dry Bones to a Super Mario Bros. level, but it does mean you probably won't see fire bars in the overworld. For most levels, I try to replicate the style of the original game, so it feels like it would fit in there. That means you also probably won't see gimmicky levels.
    • They're fair. Sure, sometimes there'll be a part where you can't always be sure what to do, but I make sure that those only happen near the beginning of the level. Especially later on in the level, but everywhere really, I make sure that every single part can be done at all times. I don't want you to rely on luck, and even with the worst of luck, every part should be completely possible.
    • They're challenging. And with that, I don't mean you need to jump around like crazy to find hidden blocks to solve a ridiculous puzzle, no, the difficulty of these levels comes from totally apparent enemies, blocks and the like. Again, this makes them more fair. I don't make these levels as hard a possible, they aren't Kaizo. I keep them doable, I promise, and even add in power-ups now and then. But they are not easy.
    • They contain an extra challenge: collecting all coins without dying. Every level has coins throughout them, not just scattered randomly, but very carefully placed, in planned spots. A lot of these involve little puzzles, a tight reaction time or you needing to keep a power-up in order to get it. But I won't hide them in unfair spots. If you're experienced with these games and pay attention, you'll be able to know the locations of all coins easily. I myself haven't per say beaten this challenge myself for every level. I have, however, tested every single coin location thoroughly. So, even without ever getting all coins at one attempt, I can be 98-100% sure it's possible.
    Anyway, my first level has been beaten yesterday by a streamer, and he didn't find it too difficult. He was too scared to go for the coin challenge, though... ;)
    It's called Underwater Perils, and the code is E5AF-0000-006C-9B1A.
    I'd wish you good luck, but you won't need that, as it isn't very luck-based ;) But I guess you could get lucky by the Bloopers somehow swimming away from you instead of towards you... :rolleyes:
    If you beat this level, please say so here, I might reward you... ;) If anyone gets all coins and post a picture of it anywhere (you could comment in the game at a place where you can easily see the amount of coins you have, but a camera or capture card will work too) you will most definitely get rewarded, as that is not easy. I'll have to think about the prize, but it'll probably be at least 5k rupees :cool:
  16. I beat it! Not with all the coins though!

    That first blooper is a jerk. I just cannot get past it without getting hit.
    The spikes are just big enough to let small Mario go through (almost impossible with big Mario)

    Proof I beat it:

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  17. Well done! One time I got all coins but the four after the flag pole, I totally forgot about those >.<
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