[Let's play] Hexxit with erosego!

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  1. Hello EMC! Welcome to my Hexxit let's play thread. Hexxit is a brand new modpack focused on adventure/RPG styled gameplay. It's got lots of nifty things like gigantic dungeons, magical gear, plants and wildlife, and so much more. Feel free to check it out, let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions/tips for me. I would very much appreciate it! :)

    Warning this series may contain mature language.


  2. Great start to this series! It's enjoyable to watch a let's play on a new modpack like hexxit (or feed the beast when it came out) because we get to basically learn the modpack and everything that's in it with you, which makes it very exciting. So, basically everything new that you find out or discover is new to us also, making the video even more enjoyable and entertaining (if that makes any sense). In other words, keep up the good work! :)
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  3. Thanks BussGil for your feedback I really appreciate it! Yeah, I agree I also love watching new stuff and learning new things in mods. I'm so excited to finish working on episode two and continue on our adventure and finding all the new stuffz.
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  4. Loved it ero... I think i choked on my water when you said,
    "Don't show me yo ass!"

    can't wait for pt 2 :D
  5. Thanks AmusedStew for your feedback! Haha, yeah that was great! I debated leaving it in because I wasn't sure if I wanted to have "mature language" in my videos but I suppose if it's entertaining and in moderation it's all good! ;)
  6. Editing episode two, it should be up tomorrow sometime! :D
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  7. Getting ALL the chocobos!
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  8. Gotta catch em' all!
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  10. Also, what is in that portal at 21:18?
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  11. Don't tell, shhh!
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  12. The portal is from a mod called Dimensional Doors. I have never been in one but I heard they are very dangerous and have a lot of cool stuff in them. I will have to adventure in one soon I was just way to excited for elephants! :)
  13. Have to play, this looks amazing! Love your videos and commentary, you have like the best voice, ever. Lol. Hope that didn't sound too creepy >_>.
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  14. Thanks for your feedback it really means a lot, I'm glad people like it and think I'm doing a good job with my commentary. :D
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  15. Looks good! I didn't have the time to watch the whole vid but it certainly is very good. Modpack looks nice too.
  16. Thanks :D. Yeah, the modpack is really fun so far I love the adventure aspect, so many things to explore and find.
  17. Exactly what I thought, it was a great first video, can't wait to see the rest :)
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  18. i LOVE hexxit. my only problem with it, is that whenever i play on a LAN world with my brother, all the mobs and items glitch out.... doesnt happen to him, only the person hosting the world.
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  19. Episode two is ready! :)

  20. *ready headphones*
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